Cameron's Underwater 'Sanctum' Set for 2010 Release

One of the biggest names in all of moviedom can't seem to get enough of the water.  James Cameron is producing Sanctum, an underwater thriller directed by Alister Grierson and penned by Andrew Wight and John Garvin.

According to our friends over at First Showing, Sanctum is based on Wight's personal experience deep sea diving into a network of caves, only to have a freak storm manage to close the entryway, forcing the group to search (I suspect to frantic classical music) for another exit.  The threat of drowning could provide more suspense than I've seen in a long time, especially since it's based on a true story.  Course, a SURVIVOR wrote the piece... so...

Cameron's been all over the news lately in connection with his widely-publicized upcoming film, Avatar, which is set to hit theaters December 18th.  It's his first feature since 1997's über-popular Titantic.  Since then, he's been filming deep-sea documentaries and creating 47-dimensional cameras for the perfect viewing experience.  For those who don't know, this is the man who brought us The Terminator, Aliens and True Lies (how do you not know that?).  I can't imagine he'll be making any quietly tortured, living room dramas any time soon.  Like Avatar, Sanctum will be in 3D.

Alister Grierson directed the film Kokoda, which features Australian militiamen looking on helplessly while a friend of theirs is stabbed with bayonets and decapitated by Japanese soldiers; Wight co-produced Cameron's 2002 deep-sea doc Expedition: Bismark and Sanctum appears to be Garvin's first major film credit!

The following question has been on my mind since I started writing this post: do you think Sanctum is going to be just like Cameron's The Abyss - only in 3D?

Bonus question: Is a possibly impressive third dimension all you need these days in order to feel like you got your money's worth from a night at the movies?

Sanctum is currently slated for late 2010 release. How Cameron is putting this film out with so much time and attention focused on Avatar, I don't know... But according to a little birdie that chirped in our ear, "He's tossing a lot of balls in the air and having a lot of people help catch them."

Guess good help can be found if your James Cameron.

Source: FirstShowing.Net

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