James Cameron Talks 'Prometheus' & 'The Avengers'

Director James Cameron (Aliens, Avatar) shares his thoughts on Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' and Joss Whedon's 'The Avengers.'

Although it was a down season at the box office overall, this summer did feature some of the most anticipated sci-fi and comic book films in years - including Prometheus and The Avengers. And who better to talk about those two movies than James Cameron, the only director who has had two movies crack over $2 billion at the box office?

In recent interviews promoting the Titanic 3D Blu-ray release, the Academy Award-winning director offered some compliments for both films, as well as perspective on what it takes to be super successful with audiences.

In an interview with Moviefone, Cameron said he saw Prometheus twice - once for fun and once to think about it from a technical perspective. Overall, Cameron had high praise for the movie.

"I enjoyed 'Prometheus'; I thought it was great. I thought it was Ridley returning to science fiction with gusto, with great tactical performance, beautiful photography, great native 3D. There might have been a few things that I would have done differently, but that’s not the point, you could say that about any movie."

Prometheus Sequel 2014 or 2015

Cameron (who directed Aliens) also remarked that, unlike Scott, he had no interest in returning to the Alien universe.

"No. No, I feel that I’m too far away from it right now, too much other work has been done - too thickly layered, a palimpsest of other talents from Fincher to everybody that’s come along since."

In a separate interview with MTV, Cameron also had kind things to say about the biggest hit of the summer, The Avengers. After cracking some jokes about the film not quite reaching the success of his movies (it wouldn't be a Cameron quote if there weren't some boastfulness), Cameron complimented The Avengers for being "a real crowd-pleaser, lots of fun [and] funny, funnier than [I expected]."

Whether you love him or hate him, there's no denying that James Cameron is the king of the box office, and it's interesting to hear his thoughts on two of this summer's biggest movies. The most successful filmmakers are always trying to improve their craft and that means spending time at the movies seeing what their contemporaries are doing.

What do you think of Cameron's comments? Do you agree or disagree with his assessment?

The Avengers hits DVD and Blu-ray September 25th, 2012. Prometheus does likewise October 11th, 2012.

Source: MovieFone, MTV

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