Cameron Tackles Hard Questions About 'Avatar' and More

Charlie Rose recently sat down with director James Cameron to talk about the Avatar phenomenon, the future of the franchise and even a little bit about Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow, who you may or may not know is Cameron's ex-wife.

The interview is about 30 minutes long and Charlie Rose is a smart, veteran interviewer (read: not one of us soft ball-tossing young wet-noses from NAME YOUR BLOG SITE). Rose probes Cameron on both a professional and personal level, opening up some interesting dialogue about Avatar and much, much, more.

Want a little preview of what kinds of topics Cameron touches on in the interview? How about that "simplistic plot" to Avatar which so many viewers criticized? Or that "tree-hugger" political/environmental message that other people didn't appreciate being force-fed? Or that Avatar prequel novel that Cameron is writing? And of course, those award speeches that made a lot people look at Cameron like, "You ass."

Well, it's all on the table and Cameron is talking about it. Check it out:

Now, some of you might be worried that old Outlaw is going to start waving the "Told ya so" flag or something - but none of that here. Avatar is on its way off the cultural radar, it's earned money, split audiences and garnered a bunch of award wins/nominations. The technology behind the film has already changed cinema as a whole (for better or worse) and generally speaking, what's done is done and there are few points left to prove.

Me? I appreciate Charlie Rose taking the time to get his head around this Avatar phenomenon and really break it down into hard questions for Cameron to answer. Interviews like this are priceless. Bravo, Mr. Rose.

Did you make sure to listen to Cameron's thoughts about going up against his ex-wife (Bigelow) at the Oscars this year (about 25:00 in)? Talk about drama :-) .

Thoughts on Charlie Rose's interview with James Cameron?

Avatar is still in theaters making bank.

Source: Hulu

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