James Cameron Producing 3D Cirque Du Soleil Movie

There's no denying that James Cameron is obsessed with 3D, as every upcoming project he's connected with is being shot in that format. One of those in-development pics could definitely be worth the price of putting on clunky glasses to view in the third dimension - namely, the Cirque du Soleil feature that Cameron is producing.

Cameron is teaming up with Andrew Adamson (director of the first two Chronicles of Narnia and Shrek movies) on a family-friendly flick that will be a hybrid of 3D footage from the famous acrobatics/dance group's performances and a straightforward narrative film.

Deadline says that Adamson is directing the Cirque dul Soleil project, which revolves around a character who is transported into a magical realm - with the group's Las Vegas shows serving as a backdrop for the nature of the imaginative world in the film. Production on the feature is reportedly already one-third complete and there's a good chance that a studio will sign on to distribute the project in the near future, if only because of Cameron being onboard.

Cique du Soleil describes its own performance style as "a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment." Its shows require artists to perform bits of elaborate dance choreography; on-the-surface death-defying balance stunts involving cycles and tightropes; and an assortment of physically-strenuous movements and contortionist postures - all while dressed up in colorful costumes and fancy makeup.

Viewing a Cirque du Soleil show live is a unique and (understandably) expensive experience. Cameron's 3D camera technology is easily the best tool to film one of those performances and recreate the theatrical atmosphere on the big screen for moviegoers unable to glimpse Cirque du Soleil's talent in person.

Structuring 3D footage of Cirque du Soleil around a basic "journey into another world" storyline seems like kind of a tricky proposition. It's hard not to wonder whether Cameron and Adamson wouldn't be better off just making a more basic documentary about the group, rather than designing a film that reads on paper like Night at the Cirque du Soliel, more than anything.

The idea of a 3D Cirque du Soleil movie is still very intriguing and it could definitely be the kind of immersive filmgoing worth paying the more expensive ticket price for. What do you think?

Source: Deadline

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