Cameron Writing Avatar Prequel...Book

Ever since Avatar charged its way into theaters and broke every box office record out there (easily surpassing Titanic), there's been speculation and "semi-news" about a follow-up or at least more movies set within the same world James Cameron created.

Talk is great and all, but apart from confirmation that we'll get Avatar 2 at some point, we've not had anything concrete about any other Avatar-related projects... until now. We're hearing word that Cameron is going to be writing a prequel to Avatar but it's not for the big screen.

Don't let disappointment get a hold of you, what Cameron's doing still sounds cool...

Why is Cameron including any ideas he has in a prequel book instead of putting it in a movie? Well, as Landau explains, "[We] won't have time to do [these stories] in the movie, or maybe in sequels... [So the novel will] give a foundation for the world." So what would the Avatar prequel novel include? Landau continues:

"It would be something that would lead up to telling the story of the movie, but it would go into much more depth about all the stories that we didn't have time to deal with — like the schoolhouse and Sigourney [Weaver's character] teaching at the schoolhouse; Jake on Earth and his backstory and how he came here; [the death of] Tommy, Jake's brother; and Colonel Quaritch, how he ended up there and all that."

The history of Weaver's character's school for the Na'vi kids was something I wished that I could learn more about. There were more pressing matters at hand, of course, not least of which was an army of soldiers trying to destroy the Na'Vi's home planet. But a prequel (whether in book or movie form) is the perfect place to explore the previously unexplored.

avatar extended collector's edition

Of course, if you're more interested in what's to come as opposed to what came before, make sure to check out the interview done by a couple of "Press Team" youngsters we posted recently, which features Cameron talking about the planned Avatar 2.

But getting back to what Cameron is doing with the prequel novel: this will be the first time James Cameron has written a book. He's written more than a few screenplays over the years for his most revered movies - including The Terminator, Terminator 2, Titanic and, of course, Avatar - but this would mark his first novel.

However, fear not as Landau explains Cameron is used to that type of writing - "I don't think Jim has ever written a novel before, but his first step of writing a script is often in a novella format... So this is just expanding that, and I think that he'll be very adept at it." Eager fans will be happy to know we'll likely see the Avatar prequel before the end of this year.

As a huge fan of Avatar (sorry to you haters, I loved it) I look forward to seeing dimensions get added to this fantastical world that Cameron has conjured. Of course if I could choose freely I would just want a movie sequel, but even a novel prequel is of interest to me.

Would you be interested in reading a prequel novel to Avatar? Should Cameron devote his time to it or get on with making a sequel?

Source: MTV News

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