James Cameron is Getting an Aliens Action Figure

James Cameron

Writer/director James Cameron is joining the Aliens action figure line as a Colonial Marine. Aliens, of course, is the second film in the Alien saga, which kicked off in 1979 with director Ridley Scott's Alien. Released in 1986, Cameron took the sequel to new heights, elevating star Sigourney Weaver to a butt-kicking female action hero who ended up going face-to-face with the franchise's most memorable foe in the Alien Queen.

And while Aliens was Cameron's first and last film in the five-film franchise (six, if you count Prometheus), the filmmaker no doubt made an indelible mark with a then-impressive haul of $131 million at the global box office and seven Oscar nominations (including a Best Actress nod for Weaver), which yielded two wins.

Now, 31 years after the film became a sci-fi classic, Cameron is being immortalized in plastic. According to EW, NECA is making a 7-inch action figure of Cameron dressed in a Colonial Marine outfit. The publication ran exclusive photos of the figure, which depicts the likeness of Cameron as he looked during the making of the film in 1986.

The figure comes equipped with a a pistol, pulse rifle, tracking device, and viewfinder, and his uniform includes a Canadian flag shoulder patch (the filmmaker is a native of Ontario), a Pandora planet patch (a nod to the filmmaker's Avatar) and a logo of the Cameron’s real-life production company, Lightstorm. Cameron's figure, which carries a rank of Colonel in the United States Colonial Marine Corps, features 25 points of articulation.

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EW says the collectible, which NECA will make available on its website (and which will be released as a Toys R Us exclusive in November), marks the first time Cameron has allowed his likeness to be used for an action figure. The figure will be displayed for fans to see at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

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NECA has been producing 7-inch action figures based on the Alien saga for years, and its lineup consists of figures of Weaver in the first three Alien films, as well as Tom Skeritt's Dallas from Alien and Bill Paxton (Hudson), Michael Biehn (Hicks), Carrie Henn (Newt), Lance Henriksen (Bishop) and Jennette Goldstein (Vasquez), among other characters, including the Alien Queen and Xenomorphs, from Aliens. Most recently, the company announced that even Carter Burke (Paul Reiser) from the film would be getting his own action figure.

Most recently, the company released a "Lost Wave" of figures from Prometheus (Noomi Rapace as Shaw, Charlize Theron as Vickers, and Sean Harris as Fifield), to go with its original line from 2012 that included Michael Fassbender as David. NECA also has figures of Xenomorphs and Neomorphs from Alien: Covenant on the way.

Without question, the addition of Cameron is the coolest possible addition to the Alien line that NECA could make. He's a legendary director who's among the rare filmmakers who commands as much attention as his stars when his films are released. And yes, for realism, if fans are wondering, the Cameron figure also comes with a director's clapboard.

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Source: EW

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