Brolin Brought Hayward Onto Hex

There was much confusion (and worry) last week when it was announced that Horton Hears A Who! director Jimmy Hayward was onboard to direct the film adaptation of the comic book Jonah Hex. Many thought that it was a crazy (and poor) choice, but it now appears that the choice was that of the film's star: Josh Brolin!

Brolin spoke with Collider and he explained how and why the former animator was the right man for the job.

When asked about Hayward's involvement Brolin said:

"I just think that Jimmy is truly brilliant. I was going to talk about that earlier. He got an e-mail to me somehow, someway. He wasn't somebody we were even beginning to look at and I read the e-mail and was completely blown away by it. I had to meet the guy. I ended up meeting the guy and I think he's so far beyond most of us in his expertise and his filmic abilities. It was one of those things where I brought him to the studio and I said, 'I think this is the guy. I don't know why.' But I think he's a brilliant, brilliant filmmaker. I can't wait to see what he does. So I don't know how to answer your question, but I can't wait to see what he does."

The film was previously going to be helmed by Crank directors Mark Nevaldine and Brian Taylor, but they left the project due to "creative differences." It would now appear that either Hayward has an incredible skill at persuasive writing or he has a take on the material that has Brolin's juices flowing.

So is the movie starting from square one or is Hayward going to use the existing screenplay? Who knows... but I'm guessing that we're going to be seeing Jonah Hex sooner rather than after - before the heat is off Brolin's No Country For Old Men and W appearances.

More from Screen Rant on Jonah Hex when we get it.

Source: Collider

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