New Spectre TV Spot: The Author Of All Bond's Pain

This year saw a couple of spy films that, in their own ways, paid homage to James Bond. But whether it's Colin Firth's Harry Hart (Kingsman) or Henry Cavill's Napoleon Solo (Man From U.N.C.L.E.), no super spy can capture an audience the way James Bond has for over 50 years.

Director Sam Mendes returns for a second consecutive Bond movie - following 2012's mega-hit, Skyfall - with Spectre; easily one of the year's most anticipated films. Daniel Craig is back as Bond (for possibly his last outing), facing off against MI6's rival organization - SPECTRE. The criminal operation is led by the enigmatic, Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) - a character who may or may not have some past, personal connection with James Bond.

This latest TV spot (above) features many of the sights and thrills from Spectre's final trailer, with a focus on Waltz' Oberhauser - the "author" of all the pain and suffering Bond has endured.

The SPECTRE organization has featured throughout the Bond franchise, appearing in the very first film, Dr. No. In following movies, the head of SPECTRE is man by the name of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a legendary supervillain of the genre (who do you think Dr. Evil was parodying?). And with SPECTRE returning in this film - and Mendes calling his film, "a celebration of all things Bond," - it stands to reason that Franz Oberhauser is merely a cover for Waltz's character's true identity.

The theory that Waltz is actually playing Blofeld isn't exactly new, and when asked about it Mendes said:

"There was this big spectre hanging over the movie and the franchise, which is Blofeld, and what happened to the supervillain. That’s all I’m going to say. There’s some big stuff the movie is moving towards. There are depth charges you hopefully don’t see coming."

Obviously, whether or not Oberhauser is revealed to be Blofeld plays a crucial role in Spectre, and Mendes isn't simply going let that white, fluffy cat out of the bag.

Christoph Waltz in Spectre

Waltz hasn't let it slip if he's playing the famous Bond villain, either, calling his character a "visionary businessman," in the vein of someone like Elon Musk or Richard Branson. That almost sounds more like another iconic Bond villain - Auric Goldfinger, title character and antagonist of 1964's Goldfinger. This isn't to suggest that Waltz is playing Goldfinger instead of Blofeld, but perhaps Oberhauser is something of an amalgamation of various Bond villains. That too would celebrate "all things Bond" while also not attempting to revitalize a classic villain. (*cough* Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness *cough*)

What do you guys think? Will Christoph Waltz's character be a brand new villain for Bond or another meeting between old foes? Hit us with your theories in the comments below!

Spectre will be in theaters on November 6th.

Source: Sony Pictures

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