New 'Skyfall' Video Blog: James Bond Returns to London

Skyfall London Video Blog


While James Bond and his library of films are best known for their jet setting and exotic locales, the franchise still exudes some very British qualities. In his latest outing, Skyfall, James Bond is taking things back to basics; setting a large portion of his adventure in London and exploring it in ways audiences haven't necessarily seen.

In the newest video blog for Skyfall, various members of the production, including Director Sam Mendes and Bond himself Daniel Craig, discuss the locations the film will be exploring, and how they approached keeping them fresh and new. As we've already seen in the trailers for the film, Skyfall, with the help of Roger Deakins' stunning cinematography, hopes to show a different side of the iconic city.

Along with some choice words from Craig, Mendes, and Judi Dench (who once again reprises her role as M), viewers are treated to some brief teases of the London-based action in Skyfall - which showcases several car chases. The logistics of these sequences were surely a major source of stress, but it can't be a proper Bond film without a few flashy Aston Martins.

Yes, the film will be exploring some old-fashioned staples of British filmmaking, locales like the Underground and Whitehall, but the prominence of a Bond film helps them get even greater access and show those "old" locations in a new light. Sam Mendes himself states that London isn't all that photogenic, but based on this blog most would beg to differ.

Being able to close off some of London's major, or at least most iconic roadways, is a luxury fit only for a property as beloved as Bond. Thankfully the film has two Brits at the helm, who, when initially discussing the film, realized they wanted to make it very "British."

Obviously the entirety of the film won't take place in London, but those particular scenes will help jettison the story of MI6-on-the-brink forward. From there the impeccably dressed Bond will be hot on the heels of Raoul Silva, the film's villain, played by Javier Bardem.

Skyfall London Video Blog

With each subsequent Bond film there's become a greater and greater need to keep things fresh, and deliver a new experience to jaded movie-going audiences. Craig's first outing as Bond, Casino Royale, stripped the secret agent down and explored his roots prior to becoming 007, but Quantum of Solace failed to capitalize on that momentum.

There is a lot of hope being centered around Skyfall – even despite a tumultuous pre-production phase – and Mendes and Craig clearly know where they'd like to take this entry in the franchise. Hopefully the focus on keeping the film "British" doesn't diminish the aspects of the franchise that global audiences love.


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