James Bond Producers Developing 007 Cinematic Universe?

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The producers of the James Bond movies are reportedly contemplating getting in on the shared universe craze and exploring some untouched corners of 007's world.

As the world waits to see whether or not current Bond star Daniel Craig will return for a fourth outing, rumors have begun to circulate that the Broccoli family (who have been producing the Bond films since the very beginning) maybe be contemplating experimenting with the character and his world in surprising ways.

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Jeff Sneider of The Tracking Board tweeted the shared universe morsel amid a discussion of the franchise's future. While some fans have reacted in instant horror at the very notion of Bond spinoffs, it's not as ridiculous of an idea as it might seem, and it could solve a few of the franchise's nagging issues.

I've heard the Broccolis have caught Universe Fever and would love to explore other corners of the Bond franchise... simultaneously.

— Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) June 23, 2017

Like its fellow British icon, Doctor Who, there's been a growing movement to see a female version of 007. While it seems unlikely that would happen anytime soon, there's already a strong candidate in Bond's world to showcase in their own film - Naomie Harris's Eve Moneypenny. While previous versions of the character were generally a one note secretary, the current iteration of Moneypenny is a highly capable MI6 operative in her own right, and it could be fun to see her taking on missions without Bond's assistance.

Naomie Harris as Moneypenny in Skyfall

Similarly, Ralph Fiennes' M seems like another character who could prove interesting as a lead character. A middle aged bureaucrat who clearly used to get his hands dirty in the same way Bond does now, it could be an opportunity to tell a lower key, cerebral story about what happens when spies actually live into old age.

This could also solve one of the franchise's biggest problems of the Craig era - the star's reluctance to jump back into the franchise every two or three years. Craig's Bond is still wildly popular and the producers are keen to keep him on, but he has expressed exhaustion with the character and had some surprisingly blunt words about his experience on Spectre. Creating spinoffs that keep the franchise in the public eye and allowing Craig sufficient time to recharge could be a situation where everyone wins.

It is also, unquestionably, a risky proposition. The producers could end up diluting their brand with subpar or poorly considered spinoffs, and as Universal is learning right now in the wake of The Mummy's failure, starting up a shared universe without a clear creative vision is a recipe for box office disaster.

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Source: Jeff Sneider

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