5 James Bond Movie Gadgets That Became Everyday Realities

The modern incarnation of Bond may spend day and night in the pursuit of his prey, relying on grand theatrics and stunts to wow audiences, but 007 wasn't always such a workaholic. In From Russia With Love (1963) Bond's various romantic exploits meant he spent relatively little time in the office. In order to keep him within reach, MI6 issued him technology normally used exclusively for doctors - a pager.

The anachronistic scenes of James being paged, then calling in via his car phone speak for themselves in terms of how far mobile phone technology has come. Pagers wouldn't become widely popular until the 1990s, with the same being true of car phones. In fact, it's worth noting that while both devices showed the importance of James Bond to the British government, developed nations have now made them painfully obsolete.

With GPS, phones, and beautiful passengers, Bond was the definition of a reckless driver in the 1960s. And he doesn't seem to have gotten any safer.

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