5 James Bond Movie Gadgets That Became Everyday Realities

James Bond Taxi Bulletproof Glass

Fans of Live and Let Die (1973) know the scene well: James (Roger Moore) and the stunning Solitaire (Jane Seymour) are making their way to the airport when they discover the taxi driver is actually working for evil heroin supplier, Dr. Kananga (Yaphet Kotto).

Before James can react, the driver preempts his attack by deploying... a bulletproof shield between himself and his passengers!

The locked doors and indestructible partition trap Bond and Solitaire like fish in a barrel - a barrel occupied by commuters on a daily basis. The glass divider had begun to be implemented in taxi cabs around 1967, but were still not widespread enough to prepare Bond for the unexpected twist.

Regardless of how surprised international audiences would have been, the image of a secret agent reduced to helplessly pounding on a cab's glass partition makes the film worth repeat viewings. And apparently, it hasn't scared Bond off of cabs permanently.

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