James Bond Producers Want Scottish Actor As Next 007

James Bond producers are reportedly looking for a Scottish actor to replace the English Daniel Craig as secret agent 007 after Bond 25.

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James Bond producers are reportedly looking for a Scottish actor to replace Daniel Craig as 007 after Bond 25. Based on the spy novels by Ian Fleming, the James Bond movie series has been going strong ever since Dr. No first debuted in 1962. Six different actors have portrayed Bond since the series kicked off, with Daniel Craig taking over the role beginning with 2006's Casino Royale.

Despite talk that Craig would bow out after his fourth go-around as Bond in 2015's Spectre, the actor has signed on for one more hitch in the as-yet-untitled 25th Bond film, which is going under the working title "Shatterhand." Cary Fukunaga has taken on the director's role for Bond 25 after the departure of Danny Boyle, who was originally pegged to take over for Skyfall and Spectre director Sam Mendes. Very little is known about the secretive production, but reports say Oscar-winner Rami Malek has been sought to play a villain role in the film.

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With Craig likely putting away his license to kill after Bond 25 hits theaters, the coveted role of Bond will soon be up for grabs. And according to a report, Eon Productions already have a good idea of what they want to do as regards casting 007. Yahoo! says that Bond producers are looking for a Scottish actor to take over for the English Craig, marking a return to the origins of the character, who in Fleming's novels was revealed to have a Scottish father and Swiss mother. As to the question of which specific Scottish actors might be in line to play Bond, a recent column in the Daily Mail indicated that Bond producers have already been in touch with Outlander actor Sam Heughan about a possible audition. Another of the favorites to take on the role after Craig, Bodyguard star Richard Madden, also happens to be Scottish.

Of course, the original cinematic James Bond was the Scottish Sean Connery, and in many people's eyes he remains the bar that every other Bond has to get over. After Connery, the role was taken up for one film by the Australian George Lazenby before the English Roger Moore settled in for a long run. The Welshman Timothy Dalton took on 007 for two films before ceding the role to Pierce Brosnan, who was born in Ireland.

News that Eon seek to bring Bond back to his roots and cast a Scottish actor to play the role comes after loads of speculation that the series might break with tradition and cast person of color or even a woman as the next 007. However, that speculation has largely been shot down, with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli even going so far as to say Bond will "never" be a woman. Clearly, the Broccolis and Eon have no interest in going against the grain when it comes to casting the next Bond after Bond 25, and indeed are even seeking to bring the character back in line with Fleming's original conception, at least in terms of nationality.

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Source: Yahoo!, Daily Mail

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