Rumor Patrol: New James Bond Movie in 2012 [Confirmed]

James Bond movie 2012

[Bond 23 is confirmed for a November 2012 release, making these rumors true]

I just got done writing about the end of the MGM bankruptcy saga, an article in which I asked whether or not MGM would be getting James Bond back onscreen sooner, rather than later.

Now articles have sprung up all over the Interwebs about this MGM/Spyglass reorganization plan, and Bloomberg is seemingly answering the very question I put forth, claiming that MGM will be putting out a new James Bond film in 2012.

Below is a quote from the Bloomberg article, which many sites around the blogosphere are using as their "source" for the claim that the next Bond film - currently labeled Bond 23 - will be here in the next two years:

New James Bond films may be released every second year starting in November 2012, MGM said. It aims to own 50 percent of Bond 23, due out that year, with an equal partner paying all of the production costs, it said. Later Bond movies would be wholly owned and funded by MGM, the company said.

While "MGM said" is a pretty solid reference for such information, personally I think that I'm going to remain skeptical for now; I feel that if a James Bond movie were really ready to go into production in early 2011 (for release in 2012), then we'd be getting an official press release for the event, announcing the following sorts of details:

  • Confirmation that Daniel Craig is still Bond (or announcement of a new actor to replace him).
  • Confirmation of a director (fingers crossed it's Sam Mendes).
  • An official title for the film and a synopsis.
  • Official production start date / location.

Who knows, though - maybe all that info has been determined and the official word is being filtered through the PR machine and will be in our inbox shortly. Could happen.

We know that Bond producers have been keeping the franchise fires warm in hopes that the property would soon be dragged free of the MGM bankruptcy quagmire. We also know that Frost/Nixon writer Peter Morgan had a "shocking" Bond script in the works, though we have yet to hear from Morgan himself whether or not he's still attached to the franchise and what the status of his script is.

James Bond 23 mgm spyglass 2012

I say all that to say: there are pieces to the puzzle in place (or at least in the pile), but I'm going to wait until the complete picture is assembled before I get too excited - I recommend you do the same. (Though I suspect some people will see this headline and not bother to read the actual article and just jump right into the comments section with "THAT'S SWEET!" or "SO HAPPY TO HEAR IT!" statements, willy-nilly. Feel free to do that too - if you're that sort of optimist.)

Stay tuned to hear what develops on the Bond 23 front. You never know: something could be announced today.

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Source: Bloomberg via Coming Soon

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