10 James Bond Memes Too Funny For Words

Bond is one of the best spies on the block, and also the easiest to lampoon, but it's all good-natured fun as these memes too funny for words show.

Suave spy James Bond is one of cinema's most iconic characters. For more than fifty years the British spy has been delighting audiences, whether it be with the serious films in the series like On Her Majesty's Secret Service, or the sillier fares like Man With the Golden Gun or Moonraker.

When something is such a pop-culture staple, one can bet their bottom dollar that they are a prime candidate for memes, and the internet has answered the call. The following ten memes are the funniest ones out there about the sometimes dark, sometimes lighthearted, but always dashingly handsome and suave MI-6 agent.

10 License To Overkill

007 house spiders meme

Everybody has thought about extinguishing unwanted house guests in such a fashion at least once in their life. Bond is the only one with the stones to actually go through with it. It's just unfortunate he does it to house spiders since they are typically a welcome presence.

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If it were cockroaches or a trail of ants, then fire away, but spiders help exterminate other pests that make their way into a home. Still, few people can handle a homemade flamethrower with the same immaculate style as Roger Moore's Bond.


Bond Yolo Meme

You only live once (or the abbreviated YOLO) was an unbearably popular phrase about ten years ago. The usage has since died down, but ghosts of its popularity still haunt classrooms and sitcom reruns from that era. Bond was ahead of the curve by more than forty years and bolder in his stance.

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Who needs one life when you can have two? At this point, 007 has more like six lives, and will probably be getting a seventh after No Time to Die comes out. Additionally, no song about YOLO comes anywhere near Nancy Sinatra's You Only Live Twice, not even the Lonely Island's comedic interpretation of the fad.

8 Sean Bean

James Bond Travelian Meme

Sean Bean's status as a popular meme ensures that even though his characters often die, they will live on in the pop culture's collective consciousness. This parody of another popular meme is especially poignant coming from a character Bond thought died right in front of his eyes, yet came back years later as a villain.

Those who have seen Goldeneye know: like most other Sean Bean characters, Trevelyan bites it by the end of the film.

7 Questionable Ethics

Sean onnery Bond Frisky Meme

Depending on the situation, this classic Bond trope falls anywhere between unbelievably suave and undeniably creepy. Roger Moore could talk the pants off anybody, but Daniel Craig making strong advances towards a widow after her late husband's funeral in Spectre is unsettling.

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We're not going to criticize anyone for their success in getting some steamy time with the ladies, but it becomes a problem if it is uncomfortable for the majority of the audience. His less than ideal treatment of women is a part of the character, but it's up to the films not rejoice in it.

6 Lord......Time Lord

James Bond Time Lord

Don't let the wrong fans see this one; enough people already throw around ludicrous theories about the name James Bond being a code name passed on to different agents. The last thing the series needs is a fantasy theory coming into the mix.

Bond is simply a character who does missions and sometimes goes through one story arch spanning several films. They don't all need to be connected through some flimsy half-baked theory that the movies themselves contradict. On Her Majesty's Secret Service, for example, references the events of the prior films.

5 It's An Everyman's Name

Bond Bad Spy Meme

To be fair, Ian Flemming's original idea for Bond's image was a dull-looking fellow whose innocuous nature allowed him to blend in. The name was also meant to be extremely ordinary. Only after the series' popularity skyrocketed and the divinely handsome Sean Connery took on the role did the character and name become more distinguished.

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In Sean Connery's day, they didn't have the internet, so it would have been a little harder keeping track of some dude with the same name going around and foiling every villain's grandiose plans.

4 A Long Wait

Blofeld 46 years meme

When Blofeld delivers this line in Spectre it is not only directed at the agent with whom he has a childhood connection, but also at fans who were delighted to finally see the notorious villain on screen again.

Minor issues with the film and plot aside, Christoph Waltz's portrayal of Bond's greatest nemesis was spot on. All he was missing was a white cat on his lap, but even that got a small shout out during the torture scene. Let's hope this was not the last time Christoph Waltz takes on the role.

3 That About Sounds Right

Bond Girlfriend meme

Who has time for serious relationships when you're so busy avoiding deeply seated problems with alcohol that are typically brushed off with a quip? Bond can quit whenever he wants, he just really really likes it and hates dry establishments.

Not all of his decisions are bad, though; some of them are just stupid. Fortunately, it's the stupid ones, like jumping out of planes or skiing off the side of a cliff, that end up working out best for him. As of now, Bond is in an honest relationship, but it probably won't last long.

2 Jaws

Jaws Floss Meme

It's true, even those endowed with metallic teeth have to worry about their dental hygiene. No one wants to see plaque infested, rusting choppers. It's unsightly and hardly intimidating.

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Jaws wants his fangs bright and shiny when they bring doom upon an unfortunate soul. Does he floss with rope, though? Maybe that's taking it too far, but who has the bravery to approach him and ask. Ironically, Richard Kiel, the actor who portrayed Jaws, was said to be highly amiable.

1 Who Had It Worse

Torture scene meme casino royale

Everybody flinched a little bit when they saw this picture. It's hard to say who had a worse time in their respective situations, but our money is on Bond.

For one, somebody else is inflicting pain, while Ben Stiller's predicament in There's Something About Mary was an accident he did to himself. Bond also gets extra points for managing to crack a few of his silver-tongued quips throughout the unbearably painful torture session. Regardless of whose day was rougher, nobody would trade places with either of them.

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