EXCLUSIVE: Luke Evans May Not Want To Be James Bond

Luke Evans

Luke Evans has responded to the speculation about his being the next James Bond, and while he'd be honored to get the license to kill, he says he'd also be wary of taking the plunge. It was recently announced after almost two years of speculation that Daniel Craig would be back as 007 for Bond 25, but that's expected to be his last go around, continuing speculation of who could replace him.

One of the most popular names in the mix has been Luke Evans, who in 2015 (the year of the latest Bond film, Spectre) was voted GQ reader's top pick to replace Craig and later appeared on an internal shortlist of replacements. However, it sounds like even he was singled out for the project, Evans wouldn't necessarily take up the mission.

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When Screen Rant interviewed the Professor Marston and the Wonder Women star, we asked Evans what his current feelings on taking the part on were. And, while he definitely seemed interested, he also showed doubt about actually taking on such a daunting role:

"I think it would be an honor, but it's a big job stepping into the boots of someone like Daniel Craig who was brought on [and] elevated him to a level which has never been. It's an extraordinary franchise and incredible role but whoever takes on the role after Daniel Craig has got a job on his hands. So yeah, it's attractive, but it also doesn't come without its trepidation - it wouldn't be an easy thing to do. You know what I mean, though? It takes so much, you know? You've got to create your fanbase, all that stuff's goes on before filming. Yeah. Who knows? It wouldn't be an easy thing to take over that role, although it is a fantastic character."

The actor definitely doesn't rule out the possibility of ever playing James Bond but does make several points about why it would be a tall order. He'd be following up Craig, believed by many to be the best Bond (and definitely the most successful financially) and would need to forge his own path - all before the heavy production and promotion that comes with each one of the movies. It seems at this point Evans isn't thinking about making the leap.

Evans has seen a gradual rise over the past decade or so, with franchise roles Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit and Owen Shaw in the Fast and Furious series (something he says he'd be up for returning to) as well as turns in High-Rise and The Girl on the Train. He also starred in the live-action Beauty and the Beast as a pitch-perfect Gaston. None of these explicitly showcase all the facets of the suave, capable super spy, but together exemplify a wide range of talent. It's thus easy to see why he's a favorite, even if, at 38, he may be too old to take on the role when the opportunity comes around.

The current bookies' favorite to replace Craig is Tom Hardy, with Jack Huston and Aiden Turner also boasting strong odds. Of course, with Bond 25 still in early development, it could be another few years before the next actor is cast, meaning all this could easily change.

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