James Bond Racing Cars Are At This Weekend's Grand Prix

James Bond racing cars are at this weekend’s British Grand Prix. As any Bond fan can tell you, M16’s greatest spy isn’t afraid of high speeds. Whether these take place in a car, on a boat, or in a plane, 007’s ability to make split second decisions at breakneck speeds is as much a part of the character as are his license to kill and suave demeanor.

In fact, from the very first James Bond film  - 1962’s Dr No - a specific make of vehicle has been highlighted, though it wasn’t until 1964’s Goldfinger that audiences were able to get their first glance at James Bond driving a gorgeous and potentially lethal vehicle of his own. Since that time, Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 has been the car most associated with the secret agent. Beloved by fans and referenced in a variety of films far beyond the Bond franchise, the DB5 has gone on to make an appearance in seven different 007 films, clearly making it Bond’s vehicle of choice.

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As a result of the ongoing relationship between Bond films and cars, the official 007 Instagram account has just posted photos of one of the two cars that will be joining this weekend’s F1 British Grand Prix at England’s Silverstone circuit. The cars are both Aston Martins and each will feature the 007 logo, as well as Bond number plates on the back of their rear wings. Check out the photos of the cars below:

Both 007 inspired cars have the seal of approval of Eon Productions and will be part of the Red Bull racing team. The Bond additions to the cars are being done to commemorate the 1,007th F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone. That being said, the publicity certainly won’t harm the already highly anticipated release of the still unnamed Bond 25, which is set for release in the spring of 2020. Unfortunately, there’s no word of Daniel Craig popping by to give the cars his blessing - most likely due to the fact that he’s still busy filming Bond 25. Still, for those die hard Bond fans who also happen to love Formula One, these 007 additions are sure to be a highlight. After all, it isn’t every franchise that gets its own vehicle at one of the most respected professional racing events in the world.

Oddly enough, the inclusion of Bond at a world-renowned racing event doesn't just feel completely appropriate, but the name Silverstone also sounds quite at home with Bond as well. Considering that the forthcoming Bond 25 has gone longer than most films in the series without an official title, perhaps this is the weekend where inspiration truly hits and an official title is revealed. That’s likely a stretch, but at least this weekend will definitely have something James Bond related for fans to take in.

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