The Ultimate James Bond Gift Guide

Since the first big-screen adaptation in 1962, James Bond films have inspired adventure, smooth-talking, fantasy and style for fans everywhere. For the James Bond fan in your life, it can be hard to choose a gift for those special occasions, when they're not off on a secret mission of their own.

From toys, to scents, to 007 reading material, this list of ten James Bond-themed gifts will make them smile. Even those fans who have everything, for whom the world is not enough. These gifts span across generations of Bonds, whether you're looking for a Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig era gift.

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10 The James Bond Collection

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Twenty four movies are included in this huge set of Bond films. There is only one film missing from the canon, Never Say Never Again from 1983. This outlier was not produced by Eon films and was instead made by an independent production company, so it ends up being a stand-alone in a lot of ways.

The films span across 53 years of production, from Dr. No, released in 1962, to Spectre, released in 2015. All films are fully restored and in high definition. This is a clean, compact way for a fan to own almost every Bond movie that exists. If you're buying this as a gift for yourself, it's an incredibly economical way to have a high-quality copy of all 24 of these films.

9 James Bond Scented Beard Oil

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This beard oil uses organic ingredients to nourish skin and beard hair, keeping them both moist and healthy and preventing hair breakage and split ends. It will keep your favorite Bond fan's beard looking worthy of Pierce Brosnan's hefty scruff from his rougher scenes in Die Another Day.

It's made by the company Beard Gains, vegan, gluten-free and free of chemicals. A combination of essential oils is used in this version to give off a 007-themed, sexy, masculine scent. This makes a great gift for anyone who loves their beard and is a nice way to pamper them and keep them healthy and looking great.

8 James Bond With Aston Martin Funko POP!

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The Aston Martin DB5 was made incredibly famous by its inclusion in Goldfinger as a modified version for Bond, in 1964. It appeared again in Thunderball the next year, after experiencing record sales of the car in the real world. Since then, the car has reappeared in multiple Bond films and is seen as the quintessential James Bond vehicle. This Pop features the Sean Connery iteration of the character, sitting in his Aston Martin.

The figure has a quirkiness to it, in that Bond protrudes from the top of the car, gripping a wheel. He is not removable but rather meant to sit fixed in the vehicle, with a fully detailed body visible if you look into the car. This is a unique Funko Pop as it includes a full car with great attention to style and accuracy.

7 LEGO James Bond Aston Martin

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This is a model car that will entertain an older child (recommended for ages 16 and up), or an adult fan - it has a great deal of detail that isn't so common in standard LEGO sets. The set builds a very close replica of the actual car from the films, featuring James Bond gadgets and tricked-out parts.

When complete, it contains a functioning ejection seat, a raisable bullet shield and a rotating license plate. It measures over 3 inches high, 13 inches long and 4 inches wide, making a great decoration for a desk or home. The skill level is a little more challenging than regular LEGO, so this makes a fun activity that will be rewarding when the car is complete.

6 007 Trivial Pursuit

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This is a quick-play version of the original Trivial Pursuit game, with 600 questions on 007 films, casts, locations, gadgets and vehicles. In this version of the game, players roll a die to determine the category they will answer a question from.

Then, as players answer correctly, they collect cards and accumulate enough to win the game. It has no board or game pieces so this game can be played on the go and easily transported to a picnic, bar or friend's home. This is a great activity for a group of fans, where everyone has some James Bond knowledge to pull from, as there are no generic questions included and it's all strictly on the theme. It's a great, lighthearted, low-key game where fans can show off how much they love the franchise.

5 Golden Girl Funko POP!

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Arguably the most iconic Bond girl of all time, Jill Masterson was a secondary bond girl who appeared in the 1964 film, Goldfinger. Portrayed by Shirley Eaton, it ended up being her most famous role, even overshadowing Honor Blackman's portrayal of Pussy Galore.

She was featured on the front cover of LIFE magazine the same year the film came out, covered in gold and in a classic sultry pose. This Pop has her eyes shut, with gold paint from head to toe and brings back memories for fans of her tragic skin suffocation. This is a great companion to a James Bond Pop, and a necessary part of any James Bond Funko collection.

4 The James Bond Archives: Spectre Edition

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This is a great mini coffee table book or bedside companion for any fan who enjoys delving into details and history. It is a smaller version of the larger James Bond Archives book, making it a more affordable and compact gift, but with all of the same information included.

It's a behind-the-scenes look at the entire James Bond film franchise, starting with Dr. No and stretching all the way to Spectre in this edition. The book is full of photos from sets, unseen stills, production memos, set designs, and oral history gathered, in collaboration with Eon productions, from over 150 cast and crew members. Oral histories give an up-close look at production like nothing else can. This is great for a Bond fan who likes to nerd out on the details.

3 Best of James Bond 50th Anniversary CD

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The music of James Bond cannot be overlooked. Sound and music are what truly make a film and without it, the magic is lost. This 2-disc set contains tracks from all of the James Bond films, up until the 50th anniversary in 2012. It includes music from the John Barry Orchestra. John Barry composed scores for 11 bond films from 1963 to 1987, including arranging and performing 'The James Bond Theme' for the first film.

The iconic voice of Shirley Bassey also appears in the collection. Her voice is known for the performances of Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever and Moonraker. This is the perfect collection of James Bond music for a classic fan.

2 James Bond: Kill Chain

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This comic book was released in 2017 by Dynamite, written by Andy Diggle and featuring art by Luca Casalanguida. The Bond that appears in this book is meant to represent Ian Fleming's original Bond, from the novels that ran through the 1950s and 1960s.

This Bond is cold, brutal and detached, but still suave and classy. This book is a collection of issues 1-6 of James Bond: Kill Chain, including as much action and adventure as one would expect, with a light amount of humor thrown in for good measure. The plot pulls from real-world events, incorporating them into a spy story that serves the 007 universe and fantasy.

1 James Bond White Tux Funko POP!

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Sean Connery is widely celebrated as an unforgettable James Bond, as the first ever to portray him in a film and the actor who set the tone for the rest of the movies. This Pop features Connery's Bond, in a white tux, the most iconic outfit James Bond has in his closet.

The white tux represents Bond's sophistication, with his ability to pull off a tuxedo that most men would look absolutely ridiculous in. The Pop is casually holding a gun, with arms folded across his chest. The positioning is accurate for the character, as he is tough and prepared, but calm, confident and looking crisp as ever in his white jacket.

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