MGM Announces 'James Bond Day' in Celebration of 007's 50th Anniversary

Daniel Craig as James Bond in the trailer preview for Skyfall

After surviving MGM teetering on the brink of ruin, and a ton of uncertainty surrounding his newest film, you could say that James Bond deserves a day off. Seeing as how it's his 50th birthday next month MGM agrees, as do the other distribution partners they've had over the years, and have thereby dubbed October the 5th Global James Bond Day. To celebrate such a rousing occasion they have prepared several different events for fans of all ages to experience.

The main focus of James Bond Day will be preparation for two important releases (one theatrical and one home video) of James Bond properties, but more importantly it's a chance for MGM to celebrate, with their fans, the catalogue of James Bond films.

MGM plans to kick off James Bond Day with the release of Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story, a new documentary centered on the three men who helped bring James Bond to the silver screen: producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, along with Bond author Ian Fleming. The studio says that specific details will follow based on country, which suggests the film won't just be distributed digitally.

Along with the release of the documentary, MGM will be holding a global survey to determine specific region's favorite Bond film. Most would point to one of Connery's Bond outings as their favorite, but the newer Brosnan and Craig iterations have certainly built solid fan bases as well.

In addition to the new documentary and survey, James Bond Day will also be celebrated with specific events in major urban hubs around the world. Los Angeles will play host to a 'Music of Bond' night at the Academy of Arts and Sciences (home of the Oscars), New York will feature a film retrospective at their Museum of Modern Art, and a 'Designing 007: 50 Years of Bond Style' fashion exhibition will be held at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In addition, Christie's in London will be hosting a special auction dedicated to 50 lots of Bond film memorabilia with the proceeds going towards twelve different charities. No word on if any of Bond's classic cars will be up for sale, but we wouldn't be surprised if one or two of his clever gadgets were.

skyfall james bond movie poster

As one of the longest running film franchises in history, it's surprising James Bond hasn't been treated to his own day sooner. With the release of his newest adventure, Skyfall, set for later this year, and the unveiling of a comprehensive Bond Blu-Ray set coming even sooner than that it was perfect timing that an event like this be unveiled.

While specific countries will be receiving more Bond-centric activities than others, any fan of Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, and Daniel Craig can partake in that global survey to determine their region's favorite bond film. And once decided they can pop that particular Blu-ray from the set into their player and rediscover Ian Fleming's 007 all over again.

James Bond's newest theatrical adventure, Skfall, premieres on November 9th, while the aforementioned Bond 50th Anniversary Set releases on September 25th.


Source: MGM

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