'James Bond 24': Christoph Waltz to Play Bond Villain Blofeld?

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Fans have been patiently waiting to see what's next for the James Bond film franchise - especially after director Sam Mendes launched a widely successful and acclaimed 23rd chapter with Skyfall in 2012. The 24th Bond film (Bond 24 is the tentative title for now) has brought back Mendes at the helm and put Edge of Tomorrow writer Jez Butterworth on the script, with a cast that includes Daniel Craig once again playing James Bond, Inglourious Basterds star Christoph Waltz potentially playing a villain, with Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista playing a henchman and Blue Is the Warmest Color star Léa Seydoux as the latest Bond girl.

Now comes further rumor about the exact antagonist of the film - and they point to something that Bond fans have been hoping for (and expecting) for some time:

Word is, Waltz is the new Blofeld.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Christoph Waltz is taking on the role of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the nefarious Bond villain who has appeared in seven films (either appearing directly onscreen or with face unseen), played by four actors in direct appearance, and four other actors doing body/voice performance for the obscured appearances.

Blodfeld first appeared in From Russia with Love in 1963, and last appeared in the "unofficial" 007 film Never Say Never Again in 1983, marking thirty-one years since the character has plagued Bond onscreen. Of course Blofeld has lived on in spirit, most notably in parody form; the villain served as the inspiration for Mike Myers' Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers film franchise.

James Bond with Aston Martin

As stated, talk of villains like Blofeld making a return has been circulating for years. Naturally, when Waltz's name came up as a villain candidate many could see how the actor's unique mannerisms could translate into something many would imagine as a proper classic Bond villain.

Check out some clips of classic Blofeld, compared to Christoph Waltz being bad in Inglourious Basterds:

...The concept pretty much sells itself.

While The Daily Mail has to be taken with a grain of salt, the site is usually good on its Bond movie information. Plus there's the fact that this news just makes sense: By the end of Skyfall, we saw the grittier, more militant James Bond style started with Casino Royale fully rebooted into the more traditional (and fun) Bond lore of the past (Q, M, Moneypenny, etc...).

Since the team of MI6 has been given a modern face, it would follow logic that some classic foes of the agency (like Blofeld) also be given an update. With Bautista confirmed as playing the muscle, having Waltz as an eccentric mastermind type (like Blofeld) seems even more fitting. Funny enough, the actor will play a different kind of ruthless businessman in next week's Horrible Bosses 2

Could Blofeld Be in Bond 24

Of course, until we know more about what exactly Mendes and screenwriter Jez Butterworth have in mind, there's every possibility that Waltz could play a different classic Bond villain - or an entirely new one.

James Bond 24 (not the official title) reaches U.S. theaters on November 6th, 2015.

Source: The Daily Mail 

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