James Bonds By Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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James Bond is a character that will probably never die. Not only is he incredibly lucky in his films, but every time one actor gets sick of playing him, someone else steps in. Those actors played the part with their own strengths and quirks, each adding a little something to the James Bond canon. However, none of the actors were quite the same. In fact, we think the James Bond actors were so different that they fit into different Myers-Briggs® Personality categories. Get ready, super-spies, we've got James Bonds By Myers-Briggs® Personality Type coming up, and we think you'll like it.

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Bond James Bond Sean Connery Dr. No Introduction
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7 Sean Connery - ENFJ

Bond James Bond Sean Connery Dr. No Introduction

A key trait of any ENFJ is their charm. And Sean Connery's James Bond has charm. In fact, he's why we consider James Bond as a whole a charming character. ENFJs like Connery's Bond use their charm to motivate people. They seduce and deceive and survive with their personalities, which is exactly what Connery's Bond was famous for. ENFJs are also usually the star of any situation, and to this day, most people would agree that the most stand - out James Bond is Sean Connery. Unfortunately, Connery's Bond also showcases some of the negative aspects of James Bond as well. He is selfish and biased, a negative spin on the ENFJ confidence. For everything good and (sometimes very) bad about him, Sean Connery's Bond was an ENFJ through and through.

6 David Niven - INTP

David Niven Casino Royale

What's that? You don't know about the Bond Ian Fleming himself thought of as playing his super spy? That's alright, David Niven was only ever Bond once, in a strange James Bond film called Casino Royale. The film is a kind of meta-comedy, centered around a retired secret agent who passed the name "James Bond" to other agents. (Yes, that does sound like that fan theory you love so much.) Niven's Bond is an objective observer in the film, analyzing the world's problems from his post-retirement home. We think this makes him an INTP, because that's very similar to how they approach problems. Check out 1967's Casino Royale to see if we're right, or at least to see an odd little 007 comedy that makes fun of the James Bond franchise way ahead of its time.

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5 George Lazenby - ISFJ

George Lazenby - James Bond

James Bond is famous for his sexual promiscuity, so if you're only vaguely familiar with the franchise, it may surprise you to know that James Bond was married once. That was in George Lazenby's only outing as James Bond, In Her Majesty's Secret Service. As evidenced by his marriage, Lazenby's Bond is able to get closer to people than most other Bonds. He is empathetic and loyal to the people he loves. He's actually even more loyal to the British government than your average James Bond, who tends to be roguish and independent. This loyalty and connection to people and institutions makes Lazenby's Bond an ISFJ. They, too, put value on cohesive units of people, whether that's in a family or a job. That's probably why we'll only ever see one ISFJ James Bond. It's tough to keep a marriage healthy and regularly be hunted by Russian super-spies.

4 Roger Moore - INFP

Connery and Lazenby played James Bond as a fighter, as two-fisted as he was charming. Roger Moore chose a different path. He played James Bond as an elite, preferring a crack shot from afar to an all-out brawl. We don't exactly know how INFPs prefer to fight, but we do think that they're like Moore's Bond in a lot of ways. They are creative and more reserved, comfortable with working on problems at a distance. They can be detached and highly value their autonomy, exhibiting a quiet, even stuck-up, individualistic nature. Moore's Bond is interesting; it's almost as though the British Secret Service supports his lifestyle, instead of the other way around. Just like other INFPs, Moore's Bond is incredibly set in his ways. His job selection just means that being a secret agent suits what he already wanted for his life.

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3 Timothy Dalton - ENFP

Timothy Dalton Licence to Kill

ENFPs have a zest for life, finding great joy in their careers and hobbies. Even though Timothy Dalton was only in two James Bond films, that's how it seems his character acts. He loves doing the secret agent thing, and all the sexy adventure that comes with it. Also like an ENFP, Dalton's Bond is fiercely independent. He isn't great with rules and is ready to rush fist-first into a situation. Dalton's Bond is imaginative and extroverted, a perfect representation of an ENFP on film. We're just bummed he wasn't with us longer. Someone had to be the bad guy in Rocketeer though.

2 Pierce Brosnan - ESFP

Pierce Brosnan - James Bond

Remember that scene in Goldeneye in which James Bond steals a tank and chases some bad guys through a few city streets? Well, we think that shows a gift for improvisation. ESFPs are the improvisor personality types, they're enthusiastic and adaptable in every situation. Brosnan's Bond is also somewhat more expressive than a Moore or Lazenby, reacting to things naturally instead of with that calm, unflinching smirk. Expressiveness, you might have guessed, is an ESFP trait. Finally, Brosnan's Bond seems to enjoy people in the manner of an ESFP, often riffing with friends and foes alike. Not every one of those riffs is good, but Brosnan's Bond sure does do a lot of them.

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1 Daniel Craig - ISTP

Daniel Craig is the Bond who takes beatings. And gives them, for that matter. For his practical, literally hands-on method of dealing with enemies, Craig's Bond is absolutely an ISTP. ISTPs are direct in their actions, reflected by Craig's Bond's use of regular guns instead of fancy gadgets, or fists if it comes down to it. Or, I guess, nail guns. ISTPs like Craig's Bond rely on their skill and stay calm in serious situations. They do what needs to be done and quickly. Because of this, the James Bond by Daniel Craig is the beginning of a new era of 007s. He's more focused on being effective than charming, more useful than showy. We think he's changed the super-spy game forever because of this, a change we're sure to see in the next portrayal of the character.

Which James Bond is your favorite? Do you think we missed the mark on any of the Myers Briggs Personality Types we assigned them? Let us know in the comments section below!

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