James Bond 25: Tom Hardy Wants to Team with Christopher Nolan

Tom Hardy and Christopher Nolan

Approximately once a decade, the conversation begins again. Theories and suggestions get tossed back and forth for months, sometimes years, until a decision is made and announced to the world. The name of the next actor to take on the mantle of James Bond.

Based on a series of books by Ian Fleming, the films tell the story of MI6 agent James Bond, a womanizing spy with a penchant for escaping any trap and stopping every bad guy bent on world domination. While saving the world, he always seems to find the time for a fling or two with the beautiful women he encounters, not to mention a martini -- shaken, not stirred. Six different actors have played the role since the 1960s. Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. After four Bond films in the past eleven years, Craig has said some harsh things about the character, making people question whether he will return to the role.

Among the various actors that fans are clamoring to see put on the tux and take on the role in the currently unnamed Bond 25, is Tom Hardy. A proven action star already carrying the Mad Max franchise, Hardy certainly has the look, the skills, and the accent to pull off James Bond. The Daily Beast recently reported on Hardy's opinion as to who he would like to direct the next Bond film. Hardy suggested same man who directed him in The Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Dunkirk: Christopher Nolan. Hardy said:

"You know, there's a saying amongst us in the fraternity of acting, and in the fellowship of my peer group, that if you talk about it you're automatically out of the race. So I can't possibly comment on that one! If I mention it, it's gone. But Chris Nolan, what a fantastic director for a Bond movie. Because Daniel (Craig) is so good, and what (Sam) Mendes and Barbara (Broccoli) have done has been so impressive, that it would be a very hard re-imagination to follow after. I wonder what the next installment of that franchise would become, and I think when you mention someone like Christopher Nolan, that's a very powerful figure to bring into that world who could bring something new and create something profound...again."

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royal

Sam Mendes, who directed the last two James Bond movies, has said that someone else should get the chance to direct Bond, and chances are producers are likely eager to bring in someone new behind the lens as well. Nolan is a strong choice, his trilogy of Batman movies, starting with Batman Begins, revitalized the Caped Crusader on film. It's entirely possible that he could do the same with Bond, but the question would be whether or not Nolan is interested in stepping away from personal projects to helm another multi-billion dollar franchise.

With the upcoming movie being the 25th Bond film, there is plenty of pressure for it to perform as well, if not better than Skyfall -- that could prove especially difficult should Craig officially leave the role behind. A Nolan and Hardy team-up, however, just might be able to pull it off.  For now, all we can do is speculate.

Screen Rant will have more news for you about Bond 25 as it is made available.

Source: The Daily Beast

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