Bond 25 Set Photos Reunite Daniel Craig & Jeffrey Wright

Daniel Craig and Jeffrey Wright reunite in new photos from the Bond 25 set. Craig took over the role of 007 in the mid-2000s, and kicked off his run on the franchise with 2006's Casino Royale. The film doubled as both a reboot and an origin story that picked up with Craig's Bond at the beginning of his career, when he's only just earned his license to kill. It brought back Judi Dench's M from the Pierce Brosnan-led Bond movies, but otherwise wiped the slate clean when it came to casting.

Among the iconic Bond characters re-introduced in Casino Royale were CIA operative Felix Leiter, who's been a part of the movies since the very beginning. At the same time, Wright was the first actor to play 007's tricky ally since John Terry tackled the role in 1987's The Living Daylights. Wright would go on to reprise Felix in 2008's Quantum of Solace, but didn't appear in the two Bond films (Skyfall and Spectre) released after that. Last week, however, the actor was officially confirmed for the now-filming Bond 25.

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The Daily Express has posted new photos that show Craig and Wright together on the Bond 25 set in Jamaica, where production is currently taking place on the untitled Bond movie. According to the film's official synopsis, Bond has retired from active service and is enjoying a quiet life in Jamaica when Felix shows, asking for his help. The photos appear to show the pair getting into an accident, after driving (stealing?) a blue Land Rover Defender. Take a look, below.

Wright put a charismatic spin on the Felix Leither character in his previous appearances, so his return here is quite welcome. More than that, it's good to see that Felix is coming back for Craig's (supposedly) final turn as 007. The Craig-led James Bond movies have been far more serialized than previous eras in the franchise, with overarching threats like Quantum serving as a link between the films. Spectre even brought back Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace's Mr. White to cement the connection between the evil organization, Spectre, and Christoph Waltz's Ernst Stavro Blofeld. With Bond 25 aiming to go a step further and tie all five Craig-era movies together, it makes sense to bring Felix back for one final adventure with his buddy James.

The Westworld actor, for his part, has been hinting at his return to the Bond films since 2017. It was hard to tell if anything would come of the tease, though, seeing as Bond 25 went through multiple rewrites and a change in directors after that. Fortunately, Wright's return as Felix is now set in stone and shooting is firmly underway for an April 2020 release. If all goes according to plan, the movie will give Craig and his Casino Royale costar a fitting sendoff when it arrives.

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Source: Daily Express

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