'James Bond 24' Production Delayed by Script Rewrite?

The 'James Bond 24' script is reportedly being revised by a familiar Bond writing duo, and production may start a couple months later than expected.

James Bond 24 getting rewritten?

James Bond 24, as the next 007 movie is being referred to in lieu of an official title, remains on track to make Fall 2015 release date, but director Sam Mendes may start production a little later than originally anticipated. That's because the script is apparently going to be getting a rewrite by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade - two veteran Bond franchise scribes, who originally planned to retire from Bond films after having co-written the last installment, Skyfall, with John Logan (the only confirmed writer for Bond 24 thus far).

This hasn't been confirmed yet, but The Daily Mail is citing an executive "associated with the Bond films" as its source - with the latter claiming the project is merely experiencing some "polite turmoil," which may cause the start of principal photography to be delayed until this December (it was previously expected to get underway by October), but won't affect the release date(s) in the process.

Purvis and Wade have supposedly been asked to "punch up" the Bond 24 script, by injecting more witty dialogue and interactions between Daniel Craig's James Bond and characters such as the new Moneypenny (Naomie Harris), "Q" (Ben Whishaw) and "M" (Ralph Fiennes), who were introduced in Skyfall. Former "Q" actor John Cleese made headlines this week for his criticizing the recent Bond films as being overly-serious, but the timing of those comments and the aforementioned script changes, is apparently just a coincidence.

Indeed, it was almost a year ago that Craig made his comment that "Hopefully, we'll reclaim some of the old irony" in the next James Bond movie, so including more humor in Bond 24 is clearly an idea that's been getting kicked around for a while. Likewise, Mendes previously revealed his intent for Bond 24 to finish the story that began in Skyfall - properly concluding Craig's 007's journey from Jason Bourne-esque government killer to a more traditional version of James Bond (e.g. older and more suave and fined in his tactical approach).

Naomie Harris and Daniel Craig in Skyfall
Naomie Harris and Daniel Craig in 'Skyfall'

Logan is currently knee-deep in writing the second season of Penny Dreadful, so the idea of two scribes with experience writing Bond being recruited to handle rewrites on Bond 24 instead of Logan, doesn't seem all that unreasonable, if at all. The script's narrative structure would likely remain the same as Logan had originally planned, even with Purvis and Wade attempting to incorporate more witty exchanges into the mix, as appropriate.

Hopefully, should this story prove to be accurate, then Purvis and Wade's Bond 24 script contributions will bear a stronger resemblance to their work on Casino Royale - where the pair scripted the generally clever and catchy interplay between Craig and Eva Green - rather than their more campy work on the Pierce Brosnan-era Bond films, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day. Let's skip on having Craig make any cringe-worthy Christmas puns, shall we?


James Bond 24 (not the actual title, obviously) remains scheduled for arrival in the  U.K. on October 23rd, 2015, followed by its U.S. premiere on November 6th.

Source: The Daily Mail

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