Producer Says Bond Will Be Back 'Soon'

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MGM’s financial troubles have led to both the new James Bond film and The Hobbit being delayed (alongside a whole host of other films). While The Hobbit continues its pre-production, it seems that work on the next James Bond film has ceased all together. Bond Producer Michael G. Wilson however, seems to be adamant that the film will make it to screens "soon."

Wilson was at the launch of the new Bond video game Blood Stone, and he was obviously asked about the progress on next James Bond adventure. His reply?

“Both Barbara [Broccoli, his co-producer and step-sister] and I are convinced that we'll be bringing you another Bond film soon."

This news is hardly a surprise. Wilson isn't going to say (or even play with the idea publicly) that we won’t be seeing another Bond film for a long time. He’s probably being optimistic because MGM was recently given another bankruptcy extension, meaning that this limbo will continue for a while yet - with September being the earliest date.

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I can’t imagine that work has fully stopped on the next Bond film. The franchise is the family business for Wilson and Broccoli and they’ll want to get the twenty third Bond film on screens as soon as MGM’s troubles have been sorted out.

Blood Stone

Oscar winning director Sam Mendes was developing the film before the production apparently ceased, but it’s believed that both he and star Daniel Craig will remain on the project once it gets back on track.

Blood Stone, the new Activision James Bond game coming out next year, should keep the James Bond brand in the public consciousness for the film being – not that there’s any fear that people will forget who James Bond is. Along with Mickey Mouse, Sherlock Holmes and Superman, Ian Fleming’s spy is probably one of the most famous fictional characters of all time and it’ll take more than a few years away from screens to change that.

One thing is for sure; You can find out all the latest news on James Bond here at Screen Rant when it happens.

Source: IGN

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