Jake Johnson Praises Lord & Miller; Gave Up on Han Solo When They Left

Exclusive: Jake Johnson offers praise for Phil Lord & Chris Miller, admitting he stopped caring about Solo after the duo left that project.

Jake Johnson talks about what it was like to work with Phil Lord and Chris Miller again in Spider-Man: Into the Universe. The New Girl alum has lent his voice to the animated flick's version of Peter Parker, who is set to be the reluctant mentor of ‎Shameik Moore's Miles Morales. The two versions of the friendly neighborhood superhero are expected to be joined by several other incarnations of the iconic Marvel character such as Gwen Stacy's Spider-Gwen (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld).

Following the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's second trailer, the Sony movie produced by Lord and Miller and directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman, has started to garner more interest thanks to its outstanding visuals, as well as its unique take on a superhero film - something that is extremely popular in Hollywood nowadays. As it turns out, making the film, was also a blast, at least according to Johnson.

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Sitting down with Screen Rant as part of the promotional rounds for his latest film, Tag, Johnson opened up about his experience working with Lord & Miller in Spider-Man: Into the Universe and the actor had nothing but praise for the directing duo who's producing the forthcoming Sony animated flick. Johnson enjoyed his time with the two that he admitted that he won't be seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story after they left the project.

Screen Rant: The trailer looks great.

Jake Johnson: The trailer. And there's a lot of very talented people involved in it. But the fact that Chris Miller and Phil Lord are part of the heart of that, I don't think you're going to find two more talented people. Those are guys, I am proud to be in their Chris and Phil repertoire. I'm sure you know, I ride and die with those guys. You know, when they left Han Solo and all that. So did I. (LAUGHS)

Han Solo Movie Cast Photo cropped

The actor continued to elaborate on his comments and cited Lord & Miller's flawless track record with regard to the projects that they've worked on. And while Johnson didn't comment about Ron Howard taking over the directorial duties for the Star Wars Anthology, he reiterated what an amazing experience it is to be in a Lord & Miller-spearheaded film set.

Screen Rant: So did a lot of people.

Jake Johnson: I mean, I was like, I liked the way they're trying to make things. When I did 21 Jump Street with them, they run sets differently. It feels different. Their writing's different. Their process is different. They're brilliant, talented, nice, interesting people. These are the kinds of people we should be celebrating. And so the fact that they're behind it, for people who care about this world, the people who are at the center of it care about it just as much.

Unfortunately for Lucasfilm, Johnson wasn't the only one who lost interest in Solo after Lord & Miller were let go last year. The announcement of a spinoff tackling the backstory of Han without any appearance from Harrison Ford was met with divided reception from the get-go, but many were willing to give it a shot due to the directing duo's involvement and their amazing track record. So it was understandable why Johnson and a chunk of the Star Wars fandom weren't bothered to see the prequel off-shoot, which is reflected on its poor box office performance since it rolled out almost three weeks ago.

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