Netflix Picks Up Nightcrawler Director's New Jake Gyllenhaal Movie

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The critically acclaimed writer and director of the independent thriller Nightcrawler from 2014 has just had his next production picked up for distribution by Netflix - with returning lead actor Jake Gyllenhaal already attached. Previously, it was reported that Gilroy and Gyllenhaal - alongside fellow Nigthcrawler co-star Rene Russo - were hard at work in developing a feature length picture about the art world.

For some added context, Gilroy has spent the majority of his twenty-plus years in the entertainment industry as a premier screenwriter - with credits including work on such blockbuster motion pictures as Kong: Skull Island and Real Steel  - though it wasn't until Nightcrawler that he made his first foray as a director. Produced in large part with lead actor Gyllenhaal, the 2014 thriller became a quick success following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, before going on to make $50.3 million on a $8.5 million budget. On that note, the latest word has more information on Gilroy and Gyllenhaal's feature length followup.

According to Deadline, Netflix has just secured the distribution rights to the untitled feature length production written and directed by Gilroy - with Nightcrawler co-stars Gyllenhaal and Russo both attached for a movie with a small qualifying theatrical run. There is little to go on in terms of assessing what kinds of characters within the art world will be featured, but with Gyllenhaal returning to produce the forthcoming production beside Gilroy, fans of their previous effort together have plenty of reason to be excited.

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With the addition of the untitled Gilroy art world film, Gyllenhaal is now two-for-two in high profile Netflix original productions - considering his forthcoming turn in the Bong Joon-ho directed feature Okja due for release online this Wednesday. Gyllenhaal is also scheduled to star in the David Gordon-Green directed drama Stronger about the Boston bombing victim Jeff Bauman, but will then likely get to work with Gilroy in delivering the aforementioned Netflix acquisition.

Netflix is quickly becoming a premiere film studio - with another critical hit of late coming in the form of the Jenji Kohan produced original comedy series GLOW   - and with any luck Joon-ho will enjoy widespread acclaim following the release of his latest English-language effort Okja later this week. Gilroy and Gyllenhaal turned heads with the release of Nightcrawler in 2014, and with any luck their followup will serve to examine the art world in a wholly new and fascinating way.

Screen Rant will keep you updated with any information related to the untitled Dan Gilroy art world movie.

Source: Deadline

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