Rumor: Jake Gyllenhaal Is The Batman If Ben Affleck Leaves

According to a new rumor about The Batman, Warner Bros. has started to sour on Ben Affleck and the lead role is Jake Gyllenhaal's to take if Affleck departs. The Caped Crusader's future in the DC Extended Universe has been in a state of flux even before Justice League's mixed reception, with Affleck remaining non-committal to staying onboard. The actor has indicated he's searching for a way to "segue out of it," but producer Charles Roven is convinced he'll reprise the role in director Matt Reeves' film. Fans have been eager for some clarity on the situation, but unfortunately none is in sight.

Last month, word came out that Reeves would in fact recast Batman for his solo film, with Jon Hamm rumored to be taking over. However, that has not been officially confirmed, as The Batman is still without a finished script at this stage in its development. In the meantime, speculation continues to swirl, with the latest reports lending more credence to the notion Gyllenhaal will be the new onscreen Batman soon.

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Per Revenge of the FansThe Batman will be set in the larger DCEU (contrary to what some have said), and tell its own story that won't have "many winks" to the franchise. The more interesting bit comes when their source offered an update on the possibility of Gyllenhaal signing on:

“Gyllenhaal is probably Batman. Affleck is not out of it yet. That’s the thing, he still has a contract. But the studio is sour on him. If Ben rolls, Jake is in. Kind of a weird web. These guys both know they control each other’s destiny.”

Fans should take this with a grain of salt for the time being, but it's worth mentioning Gyllenhaal has been Affleck's speculated replacement since November. It isn't surprising his name is popping up again. What is a little strange is the idea WB has soured on Affleck. While some of the higher ups might be growing wary of his reluctance to be locked in for the longterm, the studio has maintained a healthy relationship with Affleck for a good stretch of his career. As a director, Affleck has called WB home for over a decade, releasing acclaimed dramas like The Town and Best Picture winner Argo. If he leaves the Batman role, odds are the split will be amicable so the two sides can continue their partnership with whatever endeavors Affleck chooses to pursue.

As for Gyllenhaal, he would be an intriguing pick if this were to pan out. He's shown an interest in superheroes before, as he was in the running for Batman Begins and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 (when Tobey Maguire's back issues were a problem). Over the course of his career, Gyllenhaal has proven to be an exceptional actor, with the ability to transform into roles with supreme commitment (see: Nightcrawler). The Oscar-nominee is also no stranger to altering his physical appearance for a movie, so he wouldn't have any trouble getting into Batman shape if DC came calling. Time will tell what will happen, but Gyllenhaal would be a valued addition to any big-budget franchise.

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Source: Revenge of the Fans

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