Percy Jackson's Jake Abel Joins 'I Am Number Four' Cast

MTV is exclusively reporting that Percy Jackson actor Jake Abel has joined the cast of the young adult sci-fi film I Am Number Four. Abel will play the part of Mark, a rival to the movie's main character, a transplanted alien called  "Number Four" who is hiding out as a high school student. Abel joins an impressive cast featuring Alex Pettyfer (as Number Four), Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer and Kevin Durand.

Abel elaborated on his role, explaining how he's the typical high school jock and why he's disappointed he doesn't get to mix it up in any of the movie's action scenes.

"Mark is a football player at the school and he's skeptical of [Pettyer's Number Four] because he's trying to move in on his ex-girlfriend. He's the high school jock who's just loaded with insecurities. He masks them with his bravado and intimidation, but he's threatened because this new kid is coming to school and there's a lot of attention on him. A lot is happening around him.

Unfortunately, I'm not really getting involved with all of the crazy sci-fi stuff. In a previous draft, there was a big fight scene that Mark was a part of and I was stoked for it. It was so wicked. Then I got a new rewrite, and suddenly Mark wasn't in a fight anymore. I was really kind of bummed by that. It would have been a lot of fun!"

Abel also expressed enthusiasm at the opportunity to work with director D.J. Caruso, who is a protege of the film's producer Steven Spielberg. (Michael Bay is also a producer on the film.)

"I think he [Caruso] is really talented and has potential to be phenomenal. When we did the reading process for the audition, the notes that he gave me, we kind of spoke the same language. I'm really excited to see how he handles the situation on set."

I've enjoyed Caruso's previous films, and the plot of I Am Number Four sounds interesting enough, so I'm definitely up for learning more about this film.

What do you think of I Am Number Four? What do you think of Jake Abel joining the cast and did you enjoy his work in Percy Jackson.

Source: MTV

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