Jaimie Alexander's 10 Most Badass Roles, Ranked

Since appearing in Thor and Thor: The Dark World as Asgardian warrioress Lady Sif, Jaimie Alexander has charted a path to becoming a household name. As one of the strongest female characters in the MCU up until that point, she paved the way for the subsequent women of Marvel who would prove worthy heroes.

The dark-haired beauty, known for her self-possessed demeanor and determined stare got her start out of high school in small films like The Other Side, initially working to read lines opposite the male cast before the director assigned her a role. Her real breakout came from Kyle XY, a well-received family sci-fi show on ABC that would lead to several leading parts in a variety of genres. Whether she’s in campy horror films, tense dramas, or action films, you can’t help but root for this gutsy gal. Catch her currently starring in the action-packed Blindspot on NBC.

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In the 19th century South, slave owning was a way of life. Ward Allen (Jim Caviezel), born into privilege, rejects all the social benefits and pampered luxury of plantation life to live the nomadic and simple life of a duck hunter. He befriends Christmas Moultrie (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a former slave, a unique friendship blossoms.

Jaimie Alexander plays Lucy Stubbs, a young, spirited society woman who marries Ward Allen to spite her father. As Lucy, Jamie imbues a quiet strength to what might have been a vapid role, as she goes through the pain of her husband drinking more and more, neglecting her for duck hunting, and having a stillbirth.


Jaimie Alexander’s time spent on Covert Affairs wasn’t long, but she managed to have quite an impact in the multi-episode arc she was in. She arrived as Auggie Anderson’s (CIA operative Annie Walker’s handler) replacement from the Department of Science and Technology. Her no nonsense approach initially put Annie and her at odds with another.

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The youngest lead project manager in the DST, Reva Kline didn’t relish being put in Auggie’s place, but her technological and psychological skills made her a natural, despite her immediate lack of social skills. Her Facial and Body Language Micro Expression Analysis proved invaluable to Annie in the field and they later became friends.


As Nicole Carrow in a direct-to-video horror film by Warner Bros, Jaimie Alexander brings guts and determination. She’s gone for a weekend getaway with her boyfriend when he suddenly disappears from the gas station they stop at. The only person she locates is a young woman badly beaten who warns her of a deranged killer on the loose.

When Nicole does eventually find her boyfriend, he too has been badly beaten, with his mouth sewn shut. She spends the rest of the film trying to stay two steps ahead of an anonymous killer trying to run her off the road in a bright yellow pickup truck.


In this direct-to-video horror film for the Syfy channel, Jaimie Alexander plays Elizabeth “Liz” Chambers, a young woman stranded in the small town of Hope. Her arrival has been foretold by an ancient prophecy the townspeople believe will see the spirit of a vengeful preacher come to life, in the body of a scarecrow.

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The townspeople used to nail nonbelievers to crucifixes that eventually worked as scarecrows. Liz encounters one in a cornfield that becomes possessed by the spirit of the dead preacher. He goes on to possess a local sheriff, then the father of a young girl Liz tries to help escape. She never stops fighting for her survival, despite the unspeakable horrors she witnesses.


Jaimie Alexander stars as one half of a husband and wife couple traveling to Morocco for a vacation in what they hope will be an exotic paradise. As the wife, Taylor Dolan, she is a complex character, secretly plotting her husband’s death, but for reasons that unfold as the film progresses.

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When her husband and her (unbeknownst to him) lover get involved in a car crash on a desert road, they escape the wreckage with a handful of survivors. Among them are an undercover cop, a kidnapper, a smuggler, an unconscious Australian, and a newborn. They must all work together to make it out of the desert alive, despite each of them having a variety of secrets.


Like the protagonist of the series, Kyle XY, Jessi Taylor is also a part of the Zzyzx experiment with extraordinary abilities. Within the Zzyzx mainframe, they shared a telepathic connection, and have a certain affinity for electronics. Unlike Kyle XY, who can make moral decisions, Jessi couldn’t at the time of her initial release from the facility they were in, providing her a moral arc for the show.

Jaimie Alexander focuses on the character arc of Jessi’s search to discover her own humanity, and fight against her programming. She has to overcome her knee-jerk desires to use her superhuman strength, something that Kyle helps her to learn throughout the science fiction series.


While in New Orleans celebrating her bachelorette party, Tara (Jaimie Alexander) meets Patrick (Wes Bentley), a charming bartender that she impulsively decides to sleep with. Filled with regret and guilt, she flies back to her fiance, severing ties with Patrick. But he hasn’t severed ties with her, and begins stalking her back home.

When an unexpected confrontation with her one-night stand turns dangerous, she realizes that Patrick will stop at nothing to be with her. He tracks her and her new husband to their honeymoon getaway, consumed by a murderous rage. Tara will have to find the strength to protect herself and her marriage no matter what the cost.


In his first return to acting since being the Governator of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in The Last Stand, about a disgraced former member of the LAPD now the sheriff of a sleepy town in Arizona. The laconic vibe is shattered when famed drug lord and racecar driver Gabriel Cortez evades the FBI in Las Vegas and makes a beeline for the Mexican Border.

With Cortez and his gang of cutthroats barreling down on the town, Owens assembles a team of what few deputies he has as well as an Iraq war veteran and gunsmith. Jaimie Alexander plays Deputy Sarah Torrance, friend and partner to Owens who displays unwavering loyalty and courage.


As a good friend to the God of Thunder and a famed Asgardian warrior, Lady Sif was instrumental in spearheading the mission to locate Thor on Earth after he’d provoked a war with the Frost Giants and was cast out of Asgard. Known for her expert swordsmanship and unwavering loyalty, the people of Asgard look to her for leadership and defense.

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As Lady Sif, Jaimie Alexander came to the attention of the world in what was at the time her biggest starring role. She appeared in Thor and its sequel Thor: The Dark World, before scheduling conflicts would prevent her from reprising her role in Thor: Ragnarok.


Jaimie Alexander from Blindspot

Jaimie Alexander stars as a mysterious woman who wakes up alone in Times Square with no idea about her identity, or memory of the tattoos that cover her entire body. Assuming the name “Jane Doe”, she discovers each tattoo may lead to discovering who she is. As she slowly uncovers the circumstances surrounding her memory loss, she realizes ignorance may have been bliss.

Part psychological thriller, part action-packed crime procedural, Blindspot was the series that Jaimie left the the Thor franchise for. It’s unclear if she’ll return to playing Asgardian warrior Lady Sif in Phase 4 of the MCU, but Blindspot has been renewed for a fourth season on NBC.

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