Jaimie Alexander Talks Sif in 'Thor 2' & 'The Avengers'

Jaimie Alexander as Sif in Thor 2 The Avengers

Jaimie Alexander is an actress on the rise at the moment - thanks in large part to her role as Asgardian warrior Lady Sif in Marvel's Thor last year. While Alexander has big things on the horizon - such as a starring role in the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger comback vehicle, The Last Stand - comic book fans are likely more interested in her upcoming appearances in Marvel movies like Thor 2 - and of course, this summer's superhero team-up, The Avengers.

Alexander recently spoke to MTV about both films, and talked a bit about where they might take Sif. On the Thor 2 front: the actress confirmed the news that Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor will be helming the Thor sequel, and also that (as per her contract) she will once again be appearing as Sif. As for how her character will fit into the next film: Alexander is an admitted comic book geek, and so she's interested in seeing if (as per the comics) the romance between Sif and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) blossoms a bit more. However, with the recent news that the Thor 2 script is being revised by Saving Private Ryan scribe Robert Rodat, Alexander couldn't really speak about what story beats and/or developments we'll see in the sequel...because she herself doesn't know yet.

On the subject of The Avengers, things got a bit more interesting: Alexander was coy and careful when it came to claiming "yay" or "nay" about her involvement in Joss Whedon's epic superhero team-up flick. She ultimately gave what has become the standard answer for most of the supporting actors in any Marvel movie - which is to say, "I don't know yet."

While it's a bit late in the game to be floating that line (The Avengers hits theaters in mere months), it's not entirely without precedent: Marvel studios has been notorious for playing things close to the vest, sometimes waiting until the very last minute to call upon actors for cameos or other such involvement in their films. Given where Thor left off, plus Loki's presence in The Avengers, it's not unthinkable that Sif (and Asgard itself) would make an appearance in the film - but in all likelihood that appearance will be brief, if it happens at all.

Check out Jaimie Alexander's chat with MTV below to hear the actresses claims for yourself.

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012

Thor 2 will be in theaters on November 15, 2013

Source: MTV

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