Aronofsky Will Direct Weisz In Jackie Kennedy Biopic

Darren Aronofsky (who helmed the 2008 Mickey Rourke comeback vehicle The Wrestler) is set to direct and produce a Jackie Kennedy biopic (which is tentatively titled Jackie) after the completion of his next film, the Natalie Portman ballet drama, Black Swan.

Aronofsky's fiancee and star actress Rachel Weisz (the first two Mummy films) is attached to the project as well, and will play the role of Jackie O. herself.

We recently reported that Steven Spielberg was set to produce the Jackie Kennedy biopic, a project scripted by newcomer Noah Oppenheim that would likely be realized as an HBO original movie. Although it now seems Spielberg is not involved -- likely due to his taking on production duties for so many other films -- his company, CAA, is currently shipping the project around for studio consideration.

Here's Entertainment Weekly's description of the film:

Jackie, written over period of nights and weekends by Oppenheim, catalogs the four days between JFK’s assassination and his burial, showing the beloved Jackie at both her most vulnerable and her most graceful.

It's an interesting idea, if for no other reason than it doesn't attempt to encompass all the events of Jackie's life in a two or three hour movie - something that other Hollywood biopics about historical figures have done too often with mediocre results (see last year's Amelia for such an example).

Fans of Aronofsky's work will note that this will be the second film he's done with Weisz after their previous effort, the 2006 fantasy drama The Fountain.  Although that pic suffered from immense pre-production issues, struggled at the box office, and was viewed by most moviegoers as too unorthodox to achieve mainstream appeal, don't expect Jackie to have similar problems.

aranofsky weisz jackman
Aronofsky and Weisz previously worked together on the unusual fantasy tale 'The Fountain.'

The Fountain was still a gorgeous visual feast that dealt with such heavy themes as human mortality and the nature of death -- themes that will surely be touched on in Jackie as well.  Even those who left The Fountain either unimpressed or confused have to admit that it was both well crafted and a rather unique moviegoing experience.

So yeah, I'm excited for this film.  How about you folks?

No studio has officially picked up Jackie yet, but word is that its screenplay is a hot commodity right now so look for that to change soon.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, /Film

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