Freddy Rorschach Kruger To Play Sinestro?

Grinding on the rumor mill... Harry over at Ain't It Cool News is always popping up with some interesting rumors that, more often than not, prove to be true. Last time it was setting the story straight on the next Rambo movie and this time he's going one better and calling the name of the person Green Lantern director Martin Campbell may be choosing to put on the yellow suit and purple make-up as Sinestro - none other than Jackie Earle Haley!

A few weeks back, Screen Rant's Kofi Outlaw ran an article fantasy casting Sinestro and based on the feedback from our readers, Hugo Weaving was the favorite. Well, if you ever needed proof that Hollywood rarely pays attention to fans then this would be it. I trolled back through the comments and nowhere did anyone mention Jackie Earle Haley as a possible choice, oddly enough Dakota Fanning and Eric McCormack both made the list though.

Remember, even though Harry is saying his source is "pretty reliable", he is filing this news under rumor so if it doesn't turn out to be the case (which would very much surprise me) then all the "tweeting", emailing, and blogging will have been for naught and we'll be back in a holding pattern.

It is slightly puzzling that just yesterday we got wind of Warner Bros pulling the Green Lantern production out of Australia due to economic reasons and now we catch a sniff of casting rumors. But maybe it isn't that puzzling because casting calls were held just a couple of weeks ago and it would be right about now that decisions would start being made on who will play who.

Another rumor Harry got from the same source, audiences may very well see a cameo from Superman in the Green Lantern. This last statement is what has me thinking the whole thing could be snipe hunt. We talked about it last year, but a lot has happened to Supes since then. Brandon Routh's contract expired; DC lost the rights to Superman's origins and then announced they had no plans to move forward with a new Superman movie. This makes it difficult to throw in a Clark Kent cameo (rumored last year) if they haven't figured out who will play the Man of Steel for the next movie.

So, unless the cameo consists only of a name drop or showing Superman from the back, I don't see what actor they have right now to make the appearance. Either way, it sure does makes for interesting blog-fodder and if it turns out to be true, then I'm sure fanboys across the nation and the world will want to weigh in on the casting choice.

What do you think of the possibility of Jackie Earle Haley playing Sinestro and Superman making a cameo appearance in the Green Lantern movie?

Green Lantern is slated for a summer 2011 release.

Source: Aint It Cool News

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