Jackie Chan Has Emotional Reunion With His Original Stunt Team

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Jackie Chan has been acting since he was 8-years-old. After more than 50 years and around 150 movies, he's certainly had an amazing career. Chan's start was in martial arts films and he is well-known for doing nearly all of his own stunts, often incorporating everyday items into his fight scenes. He's broken most of his fingers while doing these stunts, as well as his ankle, both cheekbones, his skull, and on several occasions, his nose.

In the late 1970s, Chan found himself befriending a number of other actors and stuntmen. Over time, they formed The Jackie Chan Stunt Team, a group of martial artists and stuntmen who would work on films together. It allowed for them to coordinate the fights around each other's skills and abilities. And once they became an official organization, all the members were able to receive benefits, such as insurance and higher pay. Over the years the membership changed as various members left or joined, and Chan's international fame grew.

Recently, while appearing on a Chinese television show called The Negotiator, Chan was shown a video of his original stunt team. The men spoke about how much it meant to them to be on the JC Stunt Team. They  remembered how generous Brother Jackie (their name for him) was, how he would even share his pay with them. They also spoke about how being on the team helped their careers and how fond their memories of Chan are. Check it out below:

Chan was obviously moved by the video. After it played he began to speak about how long it had been since he had seen the original members of the team, as the stunt team's current roster stood behind him. Unseen by Chan, those same original members snuck behind him and lined up, listening to his speak about them while the current team members moved out of the way. During his speech, Chan turned back to indicate the current group, and didn't appear to realize what had happened, at least the first time. Then he looked again, and saw the men he called his "brothers" behind him.

That's when the tears started flowing. Chan stopped mid-speech to tearfully hug all the men, and to ask them to meet with him again every year, recognizing that after 40 years not everyone could be there with them and that the tine they had to be with each other was limited.

That might have been the end, except one member of the team had a surprise for Jackie. A jacket, which around 40 years earlier Chan had given to his "brother" when it was cold outside, even though Chan only wore an undershirt beneath. The gesture moved the man, that Chan would be cold if it helped someone he cared about become warm. He promised that the jacket was now an heirloom he would pass down to his family.

Clearly, Jackie Chan has been a huge influence not only on film, but also on the people in his life.

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