Is 'The Karate Kid' Going Back to 'The Kung Fu Kid?'

First it was The Karate Kid, then it was The Kung Fu Kid, then it was back to The Karate Kid. However, is it about to be renamed The Kung Fu Kid...again?

So says star and Kung Fu...I mean I mean...oh... movie star Jackie Chan.

According to MTV via via our reader Jon, Chan gave away some details on the title change when he was at the People Choice Awards. Chan is quoted as saying the following:

“We just finished the movie, Karate Kid. Um, the Kung Fu Kid. I don’t know. Probably Kung Fu Kid in China and Karate Kid in America. Maybe a different title? I don’t know. But mostly we’ve called it ‘The Kung Fu Kid."

Chan went on to explain:

"It’s a totally different story; a totally different story. I was in China, Jaden was all the way from America to China, then they see me, then it’s how I teach him martial arts.”

It’s odd that it would appear that the filmmakers are still unsure what to call the film this late in the game – especially for a big budget summer picture (albeit lacking in effects). The studio already released at least one poster and a trailer for the film and it might be a little confusing for some if they change the title.

I’m sure, though, that the marketers or producers have good reasons (if this is indeed the case) for flip-flopping on their choices. Maybe The Kung Fu Kid tested better in marketing focus groups, or maybe they don’t want the film to be tarnished with the remake brush because the storyline is so different. There is also the fact (as many, many, many of our readers have pointed out) that karate is a Japanese martial art (the movie is set in China) and is not at all the style that Smith and Chan are seen practicing in the trailer for the film.

Personally, I’m not too fussed. While I’m not a big fan of remakes, the thought of this doesn’t really get my blood boiling. If they call it The Kung Fu Kid, I’d imagine it keeps fans of the original (and its sequels) happy and it opens it up to a new audience without any preconceived notions.

I can only imagine that Carl Douglas is hoping that they go for the Kung Fu angle so that his pension fund gets replenished.

Again, thanks to the heads-up from Jon!

The Karate/ Kung Fu Kid opens on June 11, 2010 so I’m sure that we will find out details soon enough.


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