'Jackass 3.5' Premieres Online This March

Jackass 3.5 online

When Jackass 3D premiered in October, many critics and audience members remarked that while Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam, and the rest of the crew still delivered the goods - it was clear they were running out of steam. Regardless, the film has already made upwards of $155 million so, naturally, Paramount still sees Jackass as a viable property.

But what do you do when your cast might be reluctant about a fourth go-around? Utilize unused footage and turn it into a new film titled Jackass 3.5.

Actually, it sounds like this was the plan all along and that Jackass 3.5 was shot simultaneously with Jackass 3D and is not just a collection of deleted scenes. According to THR, new stunts will debut online weekly beginning this March. Afterwards, they'll be combined into a full-length feature film.

Paramount utilized a similar strategy with Jackass 2.5, which was available online before being released on DVD (it remains the studio's most successful non-theatrical release). Jackass ringleader Johnny Knoxville promises Jackass 3.5 is a worthy installment and that not all of the best bits were used in Jackass 3D:

"For Jackass3D we shot enough footage for two movies so a lot of great stuff didn't make it in the film. Luckily you will get to see those bits in 3.5. We also shot some additional footage in Europe specifically for 3.5. I have staples in my head right now to prove it. Woo hoo."

Thomas Lesinski, president of Paramount Digital Entertainment, explains why this group and their antics are such a natural fit for internet distribution:

Jackass 3.5 March 2011

And then there's my favorite quote from MTVN Music/Logo/Film Group president Van Toffler who says:

“It’s been ten years since Jackass first launched on MTV and there is still more poo, stunts and hilarity to go around on every screen imaginable ... Whenever the Jackass crew gets together, you know there will be a plethora of valuable fragments of entertainment to satiate their fans, and Jackass 3.5 will not disappoint as the latest installment in this fine franchise.”

Is that the first time the words 'poo', 'satiate', and 'fine franchise' have all been used in the same description? Regardless, this sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I don't care if I'm a grown man - I love the Jackass movies. I still laugh every time I see Bam get taken out by that giant hand.

I definitely got the sense that they weren't really as into Jackass 3D as they were past installments, but I still enjoyed it. Whether it was intentional or not, I also thought the retrospective during the end credits was a pretty fitting conclusion to the entire series.

Alas, there's more daredevil stunts and nausea-inducing moments on the way with Jackass 3.5.

Source: THR.

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