'Jack the Giant Killer' Production Delayed Until 2011

Word just came down from Heat Vision that James McAvoy will play a young Charles Xavier in the Bryan Singer-produced X-Men: First Class, and now a few minutes later they bring another exclusive to the web: Bryan Singer's next directorial project, Jack the Giant Killer, is putting filming on hold until February of 2011.

Production was supposed to get under way this summer, but has been delayed due to concerns about the visual effects. Singer has it in mind to pre-viz the entire film - a rare process, if I'm not mistaken - and plans on utilizing technology that allows him to view the CG giants in-camera while filming with the live-action actors. Sounds very similar to the tech that James Cameron created for Avatar.

Jack the Giant Killer will follow "a young farmer Jack, the hero who must lead a dangerous expedition to the kingdom of giants in hope of rescuing a princess." Singer has had a few meetings with various actors for the lead role of Jack, including Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson and Spider-Man candidate Andrew Garfield, who jumped onto my radar with a great performance in the Red Riding trilogy. Although casting has begun, no one has officially signed on for the project.

After directing the first and second X-Men films, Singer was slated to return to the franchise to direct X-Men: First Class. His previous commitment to Jack the Giant Killer prevented him from directing due to conflicting schedules, so he moved into a producer role and Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn slid into the X-Men director's chair.

What do you think about Jack the Giant Killer? Are you interested in seeing Singer's take on the classic story?

Source: Heat Vision

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