Amazon's Jack Ryan TV Show Casts Dragon Tattoo's Noomi Rapace

Amazon's yet-to-premiere Jack Ryan series will add Noomi Rapace  in season 2. The show has been in development for a few years, and even though the first season hasn't begun airing, Amazon has already ordered a second. Now they've confirmed that the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will join John Krasinksi's titular spy as a series regular.

This marks the fifth version of novelist Tom Clancy's most famous character to hit the screen, starting with the 1990 film adaptation of The Hunt for Red October. Produced by Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland, Amazon's series won't be a straight adaptation of Clancy's material. Instead they're aiming for more contemporary dangers, focusing the first season on Middle Eastern terrorism. The series will also feature a younger, more naive Jack. during his days as a CIA analyst.

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The casting was announced during a presentation at Comic-Con (via THR). Rapace will enter the show in season two as Harriet "Harry" Baumann, an agent for German intelligence. Little is known about Harry except that she's charming, intelligent, and set to encounter Jack somewhere in South Africa. The panel also treated attendees to a preview of the first episode of the first season, due out in August.

Rapace comes off a couple lukewarm Netflix releases in Bright and Whatever Happened to Monday. She also brings a reputation for turning in solid performances. Krasinski on the other hand recently enjoyed a tremendous surge in popularity due to his horror phenomenon  A Quiet Place. While it's going to be a while before Rapace joins him on this new show, the first season includes plenty of great actors to keep him company. First season regulars include Abbie Cornish and Wendell Pierce.

Amazon has been building excitement over Jack Ryan for quite a while now. A Super Bowl trailer kicked things off earlier this year, and the buzz has been growing. The glimpses shown so far emphasize a balance of explosive action and the regular-guy charm Krasinski spent nearly a decade honing on The Office. So far they seem to get what makes a Jack Ryan story work. Around that core they've assembled a strong cast to which Rapace should be a fine addition. Announcing it this early shows more than a little confidence, but it'll take further analysis to see if it's justified.

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Jack Ryan season 1 premieres August 31 on Amazon.

Source: THR

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