First Trailer For 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit'

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Jason Bourne beware: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is growing ever closer. The brainchild of the late author Tom Clancy, the analyst-turned-CIA field agent Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) has spent years away from the big screen, but with a crowd-pleasing leading man and surrounding talent looks poised for a comeback.

It's bittersweet that the marketing for Shadow Recruit should begin in the same week of Tom Clancy's passing, but serendipitous as well. The first poster for the film was a fitting tribute to the franchise's loss, and now, the very first trailer for Shadow Recruit reminds all of us that Clancy's creations won't be going anywhere as long as talented filmmakers wish to craft an intelligent thriller.

The film casts Chris Pine (Star Trek) as the young financial analyst who, as the title of the film implies, is recruited into the CIA under the tutelage of William Harper (Kevin Costner), an idealist who helps shape Ryan's intellect as he ushers him into the larger world of international intelligence. Both Ryan and Harper will be put to the test when a Russian financial mastermind (played by Kenneth Branagh, who is also directing) hatches a plan to crush the American dollar, and send its economy into a tailspin.

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Little has been revealed beyond that basic premise, so the first trailer is also the first major indication of the film's plot and storyline. It tends to be a bad thing when someone can claim to know a film's plot ahead of time, but in the case of a Jack Ryan story, it's more of a given than usual. After all, we all know that Jack Ryan will save the day (Shadow Recruit is aiming to be the first film of a new franchise) - it's how he manages to do it that's always marked a strong Ryan film from a poorer one (look no farther than The Hunt for Red October for evidence).

During our set visit of the film Chris Pine went so far as to claim that in the best Tom Clancy stories, "the lead is the story itself," so the plot will face serious scrutiny if that's the case. Pine's no stranger to the spotlight either, but how the story manages to reboot a spy series without standing in the shadow of the Bourne series will be interesting to see. So far the answer looks to be making the action bigger, and bolder.

What do you think of the first trailer? Does it look to have the makings of a budding franchise, or will Pine and company need to show a bit more before you buy in? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Jack Ryan is set to hit theaters on December 25, 2013. If the date changes, we’ll keep you updated.

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