Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: Dec 23 2012

Dec 23 Box Office - Jack Reacher

Though there were four new releases this week, they were unable to top the reigning king in this weekend's pre-Christmas box office.

As you might have guessed, The Hobbit is once again this weekend's number 1 movie with $36 million. Peter Jackson's second trip to Middle Earth has been doing very well here in the states ($149 million domestic) and even better overseas ($284 million). However, unless it gets a major bump over the holidays, it appears unlikely that it will pass any of the Lord of the Rings films' domestic tallies.

At number 2 this weekend is Jack Reacher (read our review) with $15 million. The Lee Child adaptation (formerly titled One Shot) did have some hills to climb in regards to its choice of actor, but most assumed the star power of Tom Cruise would help it secure decent box office success.

Unfortunately, it's going to be a struggle for Jack Reacher, which will need a holiday bump in order to make back its production budget ($60 million). Thankfully the $15 million opening weekend tally is more than Cruise's Rock of Ages - one of this year's biggest flops.

Behind Jack Reacher, at number 3, is Judd Apatow's new comedy This is 40 (read our review) with $12 million. Apatow has always delivered comedies that skew toward a very specific audience, but they've still been fairly profitable. This is 40, however, will need the most work in order to break even.

Apatow's 2009 release Funny People was the first underperformer in Apatow's admittedly small library, but This is 40 could be the new sore spot in a very strong career.

At number 4 is Rise of the Guardians – last weekend's number 2 film – with $5.9 million. There isn't much more to say about the animated film at this point, even though it continues to prove itself unworthy of being called a "failure." Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to crack the top 5 these days, so Rise of the Guardians' $79 million domestic total is still a bit disappointing for a Dreamworks animated film.

Lincoln comes in right behind Guardians with $5.6 million, which brings its domestic total up to $116 million. For director Steven Spielberg, this is his 15th movie to pass the $100 million mark.

The Barbara Streisand/Seth Rogen comedy The Guilt Trip (read our review) comes in at number 6 with $5.3 million. The new film, which actually opened this past Wednesday, is up to $7 million in domestic grosses after 5 days.

In our December movie preview, we noted that hopes weren't exactly high for the road trip comedy, even if it did feature an eclectic pairing. Unfortunately, it looks like the naysayers were right as the film will be lucky to make back its $40 million budget.

Dec 23 Box Office - The Guilt Trip

Disney and Pixar's 3D re-release of Monsters, Inc. (read our review) is the number 7 film with $5 million. Of the Disney re-releases in 3D, Monsters Inc. holds the dubious title of weakest opening weekend by failing to chart even a double-digit tally. Films like Finding Nemo and Toy Story were at least able to hit that mark, while The Lion King opened with a massive $30 million.

With only a few more Pixar, non-3D features left, we have to wonder whether or not this might be a sign that audiences are growing less interested in re-experiencing these films in three dimensions.

Skyfall, the 23rd film in the James Bond franchise, is this weekend's number 8 film with $4.7 million, which brings its domestic total up to $279 million. The film is still creeping up on $1 billion worldwide, but needs about $30 million more to do so.

Coming in at number 9 is Life of Pi with $3.8 million. The film is now up to $76 million in domestic grosses.

Rounding out the top 10 is The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 with $2.6 million. The film's $281 million total puts it (barely) above Breaking Dawn – Part 1 in terms of ranking the Twilight films by domestic gross, but still about $15 million under New Moon.

Outside of the top 10: Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty opened on only 5 screens this weekend but was able to rake in $410,000 for a per screen average of $82,000. The film won't go wide until after the new year, but strong critical buzz – including a few Golden Globe nominations – should help the film open strong in January.


Source: Box Office Mojo

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