Jack Nicholson Starring in 'Hangover' Style Comedy

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Jack Nicholson has played his share of lunatics as well as bachelors (even in his twilight years). Now, the academy award winning actor is preparing for a role that will combine the two, a Hangover-syle Vegas comedy - with senior citizens.

The obvious money grab is titled LASt VEGAS and will feature Nicholson as a lifelong bachelor who is finally settling down - after a night out with his buddies on the Vegas strip. I know, what you're thinking, I would have even settled for an inexplicable, and unnecessary, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest sequel over watching Nicholson attempt to inject silver hair and arthritis into the Hangover formula.

The script was written by Dan Fogelman (Cars) and will be produced by CBS Films. According to Vulture, LASt VEGAS will follow "four estranged male childhood friends from the fifties who reunite in Vegas to finally marry off Billy, the lifelong unmarried playboy of the group."

Obviously, a Vegas bachelor party gone awry isn't the most original plot-line out there but Todd Phillips sold audiences on the Hangover by capturing terrific improvised performances as well a steady stream of unexpected twists (though I'm still not sold on the Hangover 2). LASt VEGAS could definitely deliver some entertaining performances, but don't expect a naked Ken Jeong jumping out of a car trunk, as the drama in VEGAS appears to occur within the group - as Billy and his widower pal, Paddy, reportedly fight over a lounge singer the majority of the film.

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That said, if our opening introduction to Billy (in the script) is any indication, there may be some hope for LASt VEGAS:

"Billy speaks into a MIC, roasting someone, mid-story ...


... and you remember what I said, Ronnie? I said: “Ronnie, I know you’re down in the dumps. But as a fellow bachelor, let me assure you - you’ll bounce back. Because you may not be very smart, and you may not be very rich, but Pal: you sure are fucking ugly.”

LAUGHTER. We PAN to RONNIE who sits in ...

A COFFIN. Dead. Oh, Billy is giving a eulogy."

It's difficult to believe the same audience, that made the Hangover a hit, will relate to this particular Vegas story. However, it's fair to imagine, depending on direction and the rest of the cast, that LASt VEGAS could be an enjoyable endeavor - although still likely forgettable in the long run.

Would you go see an AARP version of the Hangover? Who else would you like to see pick up a role in the movie?

There's no official word on when we can expect to see LASt VEGAS but we'll keep you posted as we hear more.

Source: NY Mag

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