Adult Swim Greenlights Pilot from Jack Black and Jason Lee

Adult Swim has ordered a pilot for a new live-action comedy called Shredd: The Jon Johnsonsen Story.

Jack Black (The School of Rock, King Kong) is on board to produce the project, as is Jason Lee (Mallrats, My Name is Earl) for whom the series concept hits candidly close to home. Prior to trying out his acting chops, Lee was a professional skater - a past that will likely serve him well for Shredd.

Lee recently confirmed to Screen Rant that the show does, in fact, take place inside the skateboarding world. "I’m starring in it and directing the pilot episode in December," said Lee. "Adult Swim is doing an 11-minute episodic comedy series and if we get picked up we’ll be one of them."

At present, it's unclear what creative role - if any - will be played by Black, whose company Electric Dynamite is involved in the series production. Jack Black is currently promoting the December 26th film release of Gulliver's Travels.

Shred places Lee in the title role of Jon Johnsonsen, an accomplished skateboarding champion who suffered the consequences of a "risky move" and spent twenty-five years in a coma. The series picks up with Johnsonsen waking up and struggling to deal with the sobering fact that it's no longer 1985.

The concept of a seventeen-year-old skating prodigy waking up to find himself a forty-two-year-old grown man is already drawing comparisons - and unflattering ones at that - to Jamie Kennedy's 2007 box office dud Kickin' It Old School. In the film, Kennedy played an enthusiastic young breakdancer who conks his head during a talent show and subsequently falls into a twenty-year-long coma only to awake and discover that it's no longer 1986.

Jason Lee: Adult Swim

Lee, however, is promising something fresh, saying that Shredd: The Jon Johnsonsen Story is "very twisted and it’s very out there. Not much is done in that world and I get to play with that.”

If the skater comedy does, in fact, get picked up by, next year will consist of Jason Lee juggling multiple roles in the entertainment industry. The busy actor is also set to return next year for the second  season of TNT's popular Memphis Beat.


Expect to see Shredd: The Jon Johnsonsen Story in 2011 on Adult Swim

Source: Deadline

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