Jack Black Producing Comedy Series 'Ghost Ghirls' For Syfy

Continuing to reshape the way the network is perceived, through an upgrade in the level of original programming it has to offer, Syfy is ready to take the next step in its maturation by getting a little silly with the paranormal-procedural spoof Ghost Ghirls, from producer Jack Black.

Currently, the network is on the prowl for scripts and concepts that will be the first in a new block of half-hour comedies intended to help break up the current slate of hour-long dramas – and broaden Syfy’s growing audience.

In addition to Black, Ghost Ghirls comes from Jeremy Konner, Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci – who developed the concept and will, respectively, serve as director and the show’s two female leads. Lund and Blasucci will play Heidi and Angelica, a pair of paranormal investigators who work to solve the mysteries behind all sorts of unexplained phenomena – all the while, the girls attempt to convince themselves and their customers that they are not fakes, but the real deal when it comes to ghost hunting.

Reportedly, Ghost Ghirls will operate mainly as a send-up of other popular, more serious ventures into the genre – specifically, Medium and Ghost Whisperer. With character elements such as Heidi claiming to be gifted with psychic abilities, and Angelica serving as the resident technology guru, the show may be compared to any number of popular procedurals, but USA’s Psych certainly springs to mind - or The Mentalistdepending on your preference.

The third part in the Ghost Ghirls trio, Konner, has worked with Black on more than one occasion, serving as director for D Tour: A Tenacious Documentary, which followed Jack Black and Kyle Gass as the two promoted their film Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. He has also directed Black in a number of Drunk History segments from Funny or Die Presents

The acquisition of a big name such as Jack Black would likely do wonders in promoting the more offbeat, legitimately comedic side of Syfy – which has, before now, been burdened with the unintended hilarity of some pretty epic B-movies. However, as the network grows, and continues to make strides with successful programs like Alphas, Warehouse 13 and Being Human, it is likely to attract the attention of creative-minded folk looking to utilize Syfy’s genre-friendly programming to tell their stories.

Earlier this year, Syfy targeted three other half-hour comedy proposals: In the Dark, Me and Lee and Three Inches, but the network has yet to greenlight any of them.

Three Inches, about a slacker with the uninspiring ability to move objects three inches with his mind, was initially considered in 2010, but Syfy shelved it to develop the more serious superhero concept, Alphas. Now, it seems, Three Inches may be getting another look from the network.

Me and Lee finds one-time Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors taking a young man with bionic implants under his wing, while In the Dark, a comedy about a group of inept ghost hunters will be facing some stiff competition with the similarly themed Ghost Ghirls.

Syfy is certainly taking its time in choosing the first original comedy to grace its airwaves, as there is no indication which, or if any, of the proposed series mentioned above will get the calling. The network’s long history with drama, and brief flirtation with comedy is in stark contrast to the approach of fledgling horror network Fearnet – which is launching its original content with the sitcom Holliston sometime in 2012.


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Source: Deadline

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