Jack Bauer, Good Guy No Longer?

Kiefer Sutherland has hinted that Jack Bauer might lose his good guy status for the next season of 24.

After attending the Princess Diana Memorial Concert, Sutherland told The Sun: "Bauer will be his own boss… he’s going to be on his own." (Which to this author, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to turn bad, just going out on a limb, again..)

Is this some twist on the usual scenario where being in the field, he's his own boss anyway?

Sutherland was noted as having said:

"At the end of the 6th season he’s tired, disillusioned with the government and doesn’t want anything more to do with the presidency." [Welcome to the working man’s world! Ed.]

But if he's on his own, does that mean that he'll no longer have those super powered cell phones that have 24 hours battery talk time, and can transmit from underground CTU bunkers??!!

Additionally, according to the article over at Digital Spy, James Morrison, who plays CTU Chief Bill Buchanan stated on his personal webpage that it is looking unlikely that he will return." Which to me, is a bummer. I've seen him as the level headed father figure of the CTU brady bunch of gun wielding secret agents!! I've liked him in many of the parts he's played in the past, but so be it, if this is indeed true and I hope to see him in other endeavors.

Source: Digital Spy

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