'Breaking Bad' Star Giancarlo Esposito Cast In J.J. Abrams' NBC Pilot

Breaking Bad's favorite owner of Los Pollos Hermanos, actor Giancarlo Esposito, has landed a role in the new J.J. Abrams’s post-apocalyptic pilot, Revolution.

According to the series description, Revolution centers around a group of survivors as they struggle to reunite with disconnected love ones and adjust to a world falling apart after all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist. Esposito will portray Lt. Neville, a tough but deceptively gentle southern military man, who may not be all he appears.

The NBC pilot will team Lost and Fringe creator J.J. Abrams with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. Jon Favreau (Iron Man) is also attached to direct the Warner Bros. Television project, with Bryan Burk (Alcatraz, Person of Interest) executive producing.

Despite having a reoccurring split role on ABC’s storybook drama Once Upon a Time (as both reporter Sidney Glass and The Evil Queen‘s wicked toady, the Magic Mirror), Esposito is probably be best known as Gus Fring from AMC’s Breaking Bad. The actor also recently booked a guest spot on the NBC comedy, Community.

Currently, not too much is known about Revolution, including what kind of plot device will be used to wipe all the world’s energy out of existence, but the series has revealed a few tidbits on its additional characters. Joining Giancarlo Esposito in the pilot will be young actress Tracy Spiridakos (Psych, Being Human ), newcomer Graham Rogers and Australian actress Anna Lise Phillips (Home and Away). Philips' character still remains a mystery, but Spiridakos will play Charlie, who is simply described as “a warrior," while Rogers will play Danny Matheson, a “cunning hunter."

Once Upon A Time - Giancarlo Esposito

With lauded roles on Breaking Bad and Once Upon a Time under his belt, playing another character with a dual personality seems right up Esposito’s alley. What fate Esposito’s fairytale character on Once Upon a Time will receive if NBC’s Revolution is picked up is still up in the air. As ABC’s highest-rated drama this season, debuting with 13 million viewers, the fantasy drama may be a safe place for Esposito to stay put. Not to mention: breaking Mr. Magic Mirror might cause a different set of problems for Once Upon a Time than just seven years bad luck.

-Expect to hear NBC‘s decision on J.J. Abrams’s Revolution this May.

Source:  Entertainment Weekly

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