iZombie: 10 Things That Need To Happen Before It Ends

iZombie is an adaptation of the comic book series of the same name which premiered in March 2015. Since then, we’ve had 4 seasons of the show and are now entering the 5th and final one. Over this time, zombies have gone from a well-guarded secret to public knowledge.

The final series sees Seattle surrounded by a wall, keeping both zombies and humans trapped inside. With the threat of a nuclear strike still looming, can they find a way to live in peace? Or will Ravi finally discover a working zombie cure?

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There are still so many questions, some of which we’ve only just discovered. This list discusses the plot up to and including the first 3 episodes of Season 5, so consider this a SPOILER WARNING.

Here are ten questions that need to be answered before the final series ends.

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10 Will The Wall Come Down?

Currently, Seattle is surrounded by a wall, keeping zombies and humans alike trapped either inside or out, depending on your perspective. This has led to a large number of issues, including families being split and kept apart.

At the end of Season 3, the wall went up as a result of a small outbreak that saw a supposed zombie vaccination actually turn humans instead. It’s a short term solution at best but will it ever come down? And if it does, will there be anyone left standing inside it?

9 Can Humans And Zombies Live In Peace?

In order to restore the city, humans and zombies need to learn to exist together in peace, at least for a while. However, not everyone sees that as the ultimate goal. The current series sees zombies needing to do some serious PR after a small group of zombie haters stage a series of incidents designed to invoke anti-zombie sentiments.

Can this vigilante group be stopped? Can Peyton bring peace to Seattle? Will Ravi and Jimmy’s web series "Hi, Zombie" help foster good human-zombie relations? So many questions.

8 What About The Anti Zombie Group?

While some of the anti-zombie hatemongers responsible for the fake report of a zombie attack have been caught, the ringleader is still at large. Will the rest be rounded up? Just how many remain? More importantly, how much more damage can they do in the meantime?

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With zombies having a built-in bad reputation, thanks to the whole brain-eating thing, stirring up zombie hatred is a pretty easy task. This group could do some serious damage if they aren’t apprehended, fast.

7 Could The Zombies Be Used To Help People?

In her role as Renegade, Liv helps humans by turning them into zombies. While on the surface this sounds like a bad idea, we’ve seen that becoming a zombie will cure a wide range of horrific illnesses and injuries.

Going forward, perhaps becoming zombies may actually begin to help people, on an even wider scale than Liv is managing. This would be especially effective if a cure could be found, so the zombie state is not permanent. Could zombies really help people? This is one aspect of zombieism that needs further exploration.

6 Can Ravi Make An Alternative Cure?

Ravi’s cure research has had several different unintended side effects. From a temporary zombie cure to one which came with a side effect of amnesia, the cure research has not been without its hiccups.

Eventually, a fully working cure was produced but only in limited amounts. This is due to needing the original tainted Utopium, which was said to cause the outbreak, to produce it.

Since the supply has run dry, can Ravi find an ethical alternative? Now he finally appears to have some help with his task, surely a cure can be found?

5 Will Liv And Major Make It?

Liv and Major’s relationship has been on again, off again throughout the entire series. It’s almost as difficult to remember as how many times major has turned from zombie to human. The big question is will they both survive this final series? Assuming they do, will their relationship be as friends or something more?

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The rollercoaster both their lives has taken surely earns them a happy ending but will they get one? The jury is still very much out, but here’s hoping for a satisfying closure to the story.

4 Do Zombies Age?

While some of our questions are series specific, there are still some zombie related issues which have never been solved. The biggest of these is aging.

Currently, Liv has a house full of zombie children and we’ve no idea what will happen to them. Will they ever grow up? The question of zombies aging has never been tackled and it's something which poses some huge questions for the future of the city. There are a large number of zombies and we need to know, will they be around forever? Are they truly immortal?

3 Is The Outbreak Really Contained?

Before the wall went up there was an initial surge of people trying to flee the city. How many zombies snuck out? Since the virus can be spread through several means, including scratching, how many zombies are alive and well outside of the confines of the wall?

While the country may feel they have the quarantine under control, realistically we have no idea how many other zombies are elsewhere. Whatever happens in Seattle, the wider zombie issue also needs to be tackled.

2 Will The Zombie Homeland Come To Pass?

Back in Season 3, Vivian Stoll outlines her plans to create a zombie homeland. She claimed that she had purchased an island close to Seattle and planned on self-segregating the zombies, once it was ready to be inhabited. She suggested that the project would be ready in a couple of years.

The idea was that the zombies would leave the human population in peace, in return for a supply of brains. After Vivian was caught in a helicopter explosion, talk of the project stopped. We’ve heard nothing else about the homeland since. Did construction continue? Would it offer a solution to the zombie outbreak?

1 What’s Going On With Clive?

Season 5 episode 3 dropped a massive bombshell. While attending Lamaze classes, Clive and Dale come face to face with a pregnant Michelle. After Clive’s awkward moment, Dale quickly realized that he was with Michelle briefly, just before they got back together.

Clive tries to get answers but Michelle admits that she doesn’t know if he’s the father but he’s certainly in the running. Thankfully this is one question which creator Rob Thomas has promised we will get answers to.

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