iZombie Showrunner Confident in Season 4 Renewal

iZombie showrunner Rob Thomas reveals that while the show hasn't been officially confirmed for season 4, he's optimistic about its chances.

iZombie showrunner Rob Thomas reveals he's optimistic the show will receive a season 4 renewal from The CW. As iZombie reaches the halfway mark for its third season, Liv (Rose McIver) continues to struggle to find her place in the upcoming 'war' between humans and zombies for which her fellow undead are preparing. Meanwhile, Ravi (Rahul Kohli) is still striving to find a cure and the CDC seems to be creeping ever closer to the zombie discovery. With so much going on, it looks like the series is going to come to a head at the end of this season - especially if the zombie news goes public.

If this does happen, it will mean some big changes for the show in future - assuming that iZombie has a future, of course. The CW has yet to officially renew the show for a fourth season, although it has already announced early renewals for several other shows, including the Arrowverse quartet. Industry insiders have already said that an iZombie renewal is likely, and now the showrunner has also spoken about his optimism that the show will return.

In an interview with EW, Thomas revealed he is "confident" the show will get a fourth season, and there are already plans for lots of 'cool stuff' for season 4.

I’ll say this: I bought a house in L.A. and I’m moving there hoping there will be a season 4, so no one will be more disappointed than me and my business manager if there is not. I am betting a lot that there will be. I feel good. I am confident, and hopefully, that confidence is not misplaced. ... The season 3 finale is a pretty major reset of the show, so I feel like if I said anything about season 4, I would be giving away the cool stuff that we want to surprise people with in the finale of season 3.

With upfronts nearly upon us (due to start next week), fans won't be waiting much longer to find out if Thomas's confidence is warranted, but an iZombie renewal is definitely a good bet. While the show's ratings have dropped a little this season, they aren't low enough to put the show in serious trouble, and it's a solid success for this time of year. Add in shorter seasons and a smaller budget than most of The CW's other comic book shows (thanks to a super-power-free story), and iZombie doesn't need to match shows like The Flash in ratings in order to continue to be viable.

Should the series continue, it will mean that Liv isn't going to be cured any time soon - her zombie status is pretty vital to the plot. With Thomas promising a "major reset" however, it looks like there will be some big changes ahead for the next season even if the cure is still a pipe dream. While this is great news for fans of the series as it is now, some may wonder where iZombie can go next. Once the undead cat is out of the bag, Liv's "psychic" detective work may well take a back seat to a bigger humans vs zombies story arc, and big changes could mean that the show's core fanbase gets left behind. We'll have to wait and see where Liv's adventures take her in season 4 - once a renewal is officially confirmed.

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iZombie season 3 continues tonight with ‘Some Like It Hot Mess’ at 9pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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