iZombie Showrunner Promises No Cliffhanger Ending For Final Season

Rahul Kohli and Rose McIver in iZombie The CW

The final season of iZombie is set to get underway, and showrunner Rob Thomas promises the series will wrap up neatly, without a cliffhanger. The irreverent series has been one of The CW’s quirkier offerings since 2015, mixing up supernatural zombie horror with procedural crime storytelling, making for a comics-inspired series that feels refreshingly different and yet still somewhat of a kind with the network’s Arrowverse shows. 

But, much like the series that started it all, Arrow, iZombie is set to call it quits, though it will do so much sooner. As such, the end run for Liv (Rose McIver) and quite literally the rest of Seattle leaves a lot for iZombie to accomplish in its relatively short, 13-episode season 5 run. Among the many interpersonal relationship the show has going, it also has to deal with the fact that its version of the Emerald City has been quarantined from the rest of the United States, and that’s in addition to the long-running question of whether or not the zombies can be cured.

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As reported by Variety in an interview with Thomas, the showrunner discussed where the series’ endgame ultimately lies, and whether or not he and his writer’s room have any intentions of leaving the series on an ambiguous note. When asked whether or not he knew where the story was headed, Thomas said:

Rose McIver and Robert Buckley in iZombie The CW

“Basically. I don’t know that we had all the details, but I’ve known the answers to the big picture questions. There are certain things I didn’t know at the beginning, like the notion of Ravi and Peyton being a couple, for example. We didn’t think about that going in — it was only watching those two on the screen together that that became interesting to us. Some of those details that have happened along the way are things we’ve picked up, but in terms of the big story of Liv, the zombie outbreak and how it was resolved in Seattle, that we’ve kind of known the whole time.”

More interesting, however, is Thomas’s discussion of the manner in which the series intends to reach its conclusion. For Thomas, there won’t be any Sopranos-like cuts to black that spawn a thousand and one fan theories about an ambiguous climax. Instead, he says the show will wrap up neatly — “very neatly” as a matter of fact. 

“There will be no cliffhangers. For the first time in my career, I know that this show is going to be over at the end of the season. It is in a lovely bow at the end of the season. We will answer all of the big, long-term arc questions. You’ll get answers to just about everything before the season ends.”

That’s probably good news for the show’s fan base, as part of the appeal of iZombie has been the emotional attachment to Live, Ravi (Rahul Kohli), Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), Major (Robert Buckley), and Blaine (David Anders) the series engendered. Though the future may not turn out rosy for all of them, it at least won’t leave viewers guessing. 

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iZombie season 5 premieres Thursday @8pm on The CW. 

Source: Variety

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