iZombie Season 5: Our Biggest Questions After Episode 2, "Dead Lift"

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iZombie season 5, episode 2, "Dead Lift" was a step up from the season premiere, and it brought about even more questions as the series finale inches closer this summer. The CW's fan-favorite zombie TV series - based on the DC Comics series of the same name - finally returned after almost a year of being on hiatus, but the slight delay was understandable for getting the story just right for its final season.

Continuing the story from the iZombie season 5 premiere, "Thug Death", the second episode, "Dead Lift", solves the mystery of the woman who was "killed" by the "hungry zombies" outside a convenience store. As it turns out, the video was a fake, one that was used to evangelize terrorists to start a war with the zombies.

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In order to prevent further escalation, a handful of people are used as scapegoats to prove that the video was faked by the "warmbloods," and to take care of matters on the zombie side, Fillmore-Graves pretends to execute two zombie soldiers who were apprehended in the shooting and murder of a human. Of course, much more happened in "Dead Lift" than all this, and those developments bring about a handful of questions about iZombie's final season.

Can Zombie Kids Still Grow?

Zombies are technically undead, so that begs the question: can children who turn into zombies still age? In various other movies and TV shows, characters who become zombies or vampires tend to stay the same age no matter how much time passes. So in iZombie season 5, the two sisters who tagged along with Oliver - Renegade's latest person to save and smuggle into Seattle - were turned by Oliver into zombies. Whether Liv knew he was going to do this or not remains to be seen, but the bigger question is, what happens to them now? As zombie children, they won't fully develop - mentally or physically - ever.

Will Ravi's Web Series Be Called iZombie?

Peyton wants to improve public relations in Seattle so as to not only quell the attacks but also put the U.S. government at ease. One of the ways she can do that, now with the help of Ravi and Jimmy, is develop a web series tentatively titled Hi, Zombie. It would feature a zombie couple living next door to a human couple, and it would be a comedy series. After joking about it being called Crazy Rich Zombies (a play on Crazy Rich Asians), Ravi and Jimmy settled on Hi, Zombie, which sounds remarkably similar to iZombie. Perhaps by the end of the season, they'll shorten the title to that.

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