iZombie Season 4 Will Bring 'Radical Change'

After its season 3 finale, iZombie executive producer Rob Thomas teases fans on what's in store for Liv (Rose McIver) and Team Z in season 4, saying that there will be some significant changes made in the narrative flow of the comedy-thriller.

The wrap up for season 3 poses some major things in the future with the announcement of zombies wandering everywhere in the city. Following the panic brought about by the widespread Aleutian flu thanks to Fillmore-Graves, Liv and her team got into a tug of war on the notion of telling the people that they may have been injected by with zombie blood, turning all of those who were given it into zombies. They finally decided that the public can protect themselves better if they know what is going on with Liv convincing Johnny Frost (Daran Norris) to reveal the situation. Soon after, Chase Graves (Jason Dohring) then sent out a video message about the situation, explaining that zombies are indeed real but they can be confined in Seattle if the rest of the country sends the brains of their deceased to Fillmore-Graves.

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Thomas opened up about the new chapter for iZombie in a post-mortem session with TVLine where he teases the unchartered territory that they will be exploring come next season:

"It’s going to be a radical change. Zombie-ism is out in the open, so it’s going to be the top news story in the world. Seattle just became, effectively, a nuclear power. In fact, each of the 10,000 zombies now living in Seattle is its own sort of nuclear threat, if he or she wanders out of the city and scratches someone. I’m really interested in playing the dynamic of humans and zombies trying to live side-by-side. It’s going to create all sorts of issues this coming season."

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It will be interesting to know how Liv and the way she lives her life will be affected given that the existence of zombies has been announced to the public. A huge chunk of the show's narrative follows her and her struggle to keep her real identity in check; with zombies going mainstream, it will be curious to see if she'll be more out in the open.

In hindsight, it can be a great way to develop her character in a way that her next set of plans will be based on how the rest of the world will view zombies moving forward. Given that anybody could be one at this point, it is possible that their initial reaction of panic and fear will eventually turn into acceptance.

The only question, however, is whether iZombie will be able to sustain the narrative path that they are planning to go down on or not. Without the mystery of the notion about zombies (and the plot points and funny bits that come with it), it can easily lose its appeal which could backfire on the show.

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iZombie will return for season 4 on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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